Fear and Trailblazing

There are those moments when we realize just how little we know. We may be on a good track, trucking along, doing our “thing,” and thinking we’ve got it a teensy bit together. ¬†Even if we’ve overcome the whole “I’m doing better than other people” attitude, we can still secretly believe that our “right methods … More Fear and Trailblazing

He Wouldn’t Leave Me Alone… My Conversion Story

I am beyond thrilled and honored to share with you this podcast interview that Kim Tisor did with me last week… Kim has been an incredible friend over many years, and has been a joyful voice on various well-known Christian radio stations… Please check out her other podcasts as well! Please take a moment to … More He Wouldn’t Leave Me Alone… My Conversion Story

When My Best Still Doesn’t Seem Good Enough….

Once upon a time, my “best” seemed to yield amazing results. I managed to have myself stylishly dressed, with gracefully blended make-up from Macy’s and a professional blonde-streaked hairdo, five equally clean and well-put together kids, spare money in the bank and in my wallet, beautifully decorated home where I could entertain friends at a … More When My Best Still Doesn’t Seem Good Enough….

Secrets and Skeletons

We all have more than one skeleton. There’s the one that holds our body together… And then there’s that other one… or two… or twenty. There’s something in all of our lives that influences our actions, our outlooks, our vision… And it could be genetic, it could be something we “did” or something that “happened … More Secrets and Skeletons