Confessions of an Unbeliever

Wait... what? Shalimamma, an unbeliever?! Yeah, that's right. I may as well cut to the chase. I'm a natural-born skeptic, a Thomas (before he became a saint), a question-asker (is that a word?), a challenger to any and all "boxes" people want to assign me to, which seem logical and easy, but equally seem impossible [...]

What You Don’t See Behind the Scenes…

I see your beautiful pictures online, as well as your cheerful messages. Some of you are a good 20 years older than me, and you have mastered the art of filtering and editing pictures.  You add lush eyelashes and pure skin, and my guess is that if we met in person, I might not even recognize [...]

Secrets and Skeletons

We all have more than one skeleton. There's the one that holds our body together... And then there's that other one... or two... or twenty. There's something in all of our lives that influences our actions, our outlooks, our vision... And it could be genetic, it could be something we "did" or something that "happened [...]

What Does It Mean to… Keep it Real?

So, I've been tossing THIS mediation around for a looooooooong time... Mainly because my 'keepin' it real' theory kept changing. What's real? Or in the words of Pontius Pilate, what is truth? Well, naturally, I always thought that shalimamma's outlook was the real one.  Of course, right?  My outlook and way of thinking has been [...]

Merry Christmas from Our Perfect (gush gush gush) Family!

Did you get our Christmas letter this year? No?  That's OK... we didn't send one.  However, we got a good chuckle from one or two who did.  You know, the ones that make you wonder if sometimes we need to gush to convince ourselves that this year really DID rock, and not just rocked, but rocked over and beyond [...]