The Secret to Ending Animal Cruelty

A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far away, I had a boyfriend who owned a sweet Boxer puppy dog... In my "dating years," I went out with quite a few characters, let's say... In fact, I tended to date several guys at once because my rule was "no ring, no commitment..." This one [...]


Forgiveness Friday: I forgive you, Ms. Horse Lover

  (To go to the beginning of the story, please click here...) Dear Ms. Horse Lover, This letter is a long time in coming.... And it is with a strange blend of joy and sadness that I write to you. I know who you are. ¬†While you have lurked in the shadows of my life [...]

Life Unexpected – Part V… “Scapegoat”

(To go to the beginning of this story, please click here.) Two weeks before that Fateful Saturday in January, we had adopted a precious miniature goat. Since we had given our beloved Oberhasli dairy goats to a dear and trusted friend who was looking to grow her dairy, we felt that having a tiny sweet [...]