What I Hate About MLM’s (Multi-level Marketing Companies)… And Why I Invest in Three of Them

ADVANCE WARNING!!!!  This is NOT a sales pitch!  No way, no how!  😉 OK, whew!  Now that I got THAT out of the way, first, let me say this: THIS IS NOT A SALES PITCH... AT ALL!!!!! *sweating brow* Ahem.  Seriously, it really isn't a sales pitch... and you know why? Because I hate those.  [...]


Introducing… Drumroll… Life and Business Coaching!

Greetings!!!  I am so excited that I finally got to that seemingly elusive moment where I could launch two of our three new series to be added to Life Victorious: Life Coaching, and Business Coaching! Here at Life Victorious, we have felt a steady calling to SOMEthing.... naming that 'something' has been quite a challenge, because [...]

Taking Inventory…

It's hard to believe that 2012 is almost coming to a close... So much happened this year, for pretty much everyone... in our countries, our towns, and especially in our personal lives. Facebook has a 'year in review.'  People start coming up with what they 'want to do better' (aka New Year's resolution) in the start [...]