What I Hate About MLM’s (Multi-level Marketing Companies)… And Why I Invest in Three of Them

ADVANCE WARNING!!!!  This is NOT a sales pitch!  No way, no how!  😉 OK, whew!  Now that I got THAT out of the way, first, let me say this: THIS IS NOT A SALES PITCH... AT ALL!!!!! *sweating brow* Ahem.  Seriously, it really isn't a sales pitch... and you know why? Because I hate those.  [...]


Your Team: More Important Than Whatever the Heck You’re Selling

I had the unfortunate occasion yesterday of discovering that some friends of ours were going out of business.  This always makes me sad to hear... even if I don't personally know the business owner involved.   I hate seeing empty buildings and darkened windows and the remains of a sign where a once successful business [...]