When Nothing Makes Sense…

Praise God for days that don’t make sense for ceaseless cries and pleading eyes everlasting piles of mess missed appointments bills unpaid wet-soaked sky and tiredness wounds unhealed heart with ache while overtaking days still pass. Yet things just seem to fall in place despite my prayer or side-eyed glance at icons sternly, softly quietly [...]

Loving the Skin You’re In… For Misfits

This is 'Myims'... Myims had her own hashtag by the time she was talking.  Mainly because, it's almost as if I birthed a soul older than mine.  Her eyes carry a depth that doesn't quite fit a kindergartener (or a two year old, back when she was two...), and she says exactly what she means, in [...]

Breaking News: Wide Spread Epidemic infecting Americans at alarming rate

In light of the debate over the Freedom of Conscience act (seeing as the health care bill is being shoved down our throats regardless.)  I pose the following question to the public at large. Is Parenthood a terminal illness? I ask this because now, thanks to the actions of our current regime (administration isn't a [...]