The Baby Who Saved My Life… “The Day the Sun Rose”

They kept going back and forth... “yes, we can transfer you, no we can’t...” The “can’t” and the “you’ll stay here forever” seemed more powerful with each cancelling of letting me get to a regular hospital room, and each time they changed their minds because of my condition, my heart sunk further. But the “can’t” [...]

I Found the Cure-All!

There are some people in my life, some conditions I've had, and situations I've experienced where I've tried everything to "make it better." Migraines: still here after decades of tried and supposedly true cures, both natural and medicinal. Situations: does any one know where I can find a fresh million? But I'm here to talk [...]

My Vote… With a Smile

There once were two candidates for President Who spread all their ads on the internet. Romney's were clean, Obama's: obscene... So I asked myself, "How am I bent?" Do I want someone "paying" my mortgage bill? And should I get a free phone "Obama cell"? Tempting that sounded but the Fathers who Founded seemed convinced we [...]

Open Letter of Forgiveness and Mercy: I Am Sorry…

To all I have had the grace to encounter in my life, I think, since I have written letters to those I have had to forgive, it is also true that I have much to be sorry and repentent for.  I try to work things out as they happen, because we never know if we [...]