Is the Glass Half Empty, or Half Full? The New American “Religion”…

"Whatever you did, you've been officially labeled a disturber of the peace." -Frodo to Gandalf, Fellowship of the Ring   "Bruce: Hello, how 'bout you, mate? What's your problem? Marlin: Me? I don't have a problem. Bruce: Ohh, okay. DENIAL!!!!"  -Finding Nemo   "Pilate said to Him, 'What is truth?'..." -John 18:38   "YOU CAN'T HANDLE [...]

What Does It Mean to… Keep it Real?

So, I've been tossing THIS mediation around for a looooooooong time... Mainly because my 'keepin' it real' theory kept changing. What's real? Or in the words of Pontius Pilate, what is truth? Well, naturally, I always thought that shalimamma's outlook was the real one.  Of course, right?  My outlook and way of thinking has been [...]