Relentless Pursuit… Part XI

And so now my parents were gone, the first time ever they had left my siblings and I for any length of time, and right in the middle of the worse family crisis we had had so far... For me, I may have had a shred of respect left somewhere near the bottom of my [...]


Relentless Pursuit… Part X

While the darkness increased at my own home, the 'light' seemed to be getting steadily brighter at my new-found family's home.  They were intoxicating. I had come from seemingly such a rigid background where we could hardly watch TV or movies and weren't allowed to have friends over or have parties or even have a [...]

Relentless Pursuit… Part IX

(For the preceeding parts of this story, please click Relentless Pursuit: My Conversion Story) Shock. Joy. Shock again... I felt that I had won the lottery. Was he serious???  ME??? Plus, I thought the phrase "fancy you", the British way of saying you are crazy about someone, was so adorable.  Even the expletive was adorable to [...]

Relentless Pursuit… Part VII

And so by now, I realized, that dream of all dreams, this young man was actually going to be an employee of the nursing home.  He was preparing for medical school, and so it made since to immerse himself in the field of medicine before going off to university.  This earned my respect, as opposed [...]

Relentless Pursuit… Part VI

I had dated boys many times before, in America. I am embarrassed at some of the compromises I made in order to get attention.  But there were also quite a few good guys I had known, even guys that would have made good Catholic husbands.  But none of them had been right, or good enough [...]