He Wouldn’t Leave Me Alone… My Conversion Story

I am beyond thrilled and honored to share with you this podcast interview that Kim Tisor did with me last week... Kim has been an incredible friend over many years, and has been a joyful voice on various well-known Christian radio stations... Please check out her other podcasts as well! Please take a moment to [...]

Relentless Pursuit… The Conclusion

(To go to the beginning of this series, please click here.) For a reason which at the time I couldn't explain, the urge to move to Florida was unbelievable.  It was like every ounce of my being was saying "Get Thee to Florida!!!!!"  It made no sense whatsoever, but I couldn't ignore that urge.  It [...]

Relentless Pursuit… Part XIV

The mission I had applied for in Florida didn't accept people without Bachelor's degrees.  And so I thought, maybe this is a sign I should stay in England and go to Oxford... But after several interviews, the director decided to make an exception in my case and invited me to interview personally in Orlando to [...]

Relentless Pursuit… Part XIII

In an attempt to soothe the pain, I visited my boyfriend at college, but things weren't the same.  He was in a new life now, a new city, and loving his new world.  Of course he missed me, and we spent as much time as possible together, but something still wasn't the same.  Our lives [...]

Relentless Pursuit… Part XII

I moved out of my family's home, and was excited to start my new life on my own.  I rented a room in a small house, but really had use of the whole house as the landlord was never there. And so I lived it up.  I could have as many parties as I wanted, [...]