My Vote… With a Smile

There once were two candidates for President Who spread all their ads on the internet. Romney's were clean, Obama's: obscene... So I asked myself, "How am I bent?" Do I want someone "paying" my mortgage bill? And should I get a free phone "Obama cell"? Tempting that sounded but the Fathers who Founded seemed convinced we [...]

“Repaint, and Thin No More.”

Last weekend, we went to an auction. It was amazing, thrilling, and sad at the same time... I had no idea how exciting an auction could be... antiques (I LOVE antiques), my favorite knickknacks, gifts, you name it, it was there.  The sadness was in the fact that a dear and beautiful friend and her [...]

“Joyful Freedom”, A Poetic Summary

There once was a couple sublime Who had trouble being on time Messes they left Prayers were unsaid And they quickly were sentenced with crime.   So they bought brand-new clothes that were modest Put fancy new suits in kids' closets They set out to please Fell down on their knees And if children made [...]

It’s Only Fair…

There once was a mother of many Who took a few kicks in her shinnies She kicked and she screamed She cried and she cleaned Then she laughed and she beamed As she finally seemed To discover the secret of winning...   Find friends who are GLAD! (why would you want 'sad'?) Find friends full [...]

It’s Time I Tell You the Whole Truth… A Humorous Response to Cult-like Treatment

My dear fellow fabulous faithful friends, I believe, as we begin the New Year, it is time for me to come clean and reveal the truth about myself, as well as my family.  There has been a lot of hearsay, and much of it has come back to us.  In fairness, you do have reason [...]