Corey’s MBA Graduation!

Sorry, I just have to toot the horn for my hubby... I don't mean to brag... well, I do, actually, for HIM, because I would have been lost in the first class of the series he needed to take to earn this.  I have had to earn my "Masters" by bearing Masters children, which I [...]


Soaps, soaps, and more soaps!

I guess I haven't been COMPLETELY slacking...  With the arrival of baby goats, and therefore their mothers' milk, I have started replenishing our home made soap inventory!  Our favorites?  We love the crucifix and the mother and child soaps...

Soap from the Farm!

Welcome to my kitchen, where there aren't a lot of gourmet foods being made... OK, there aren't ANY gourmet foods being made.  But we have managed to whip up some fresh goat milk and luxury oils, take over the whole kitchen, and make some soap from scratch! The first thing I discovered about making soap [...]

Untimely Fall Harvest…

This year, we were privileged to learn some very important lessons on a local farm.  The freeze came unexpectedly early this year, taking out a huge percentage of the farmer's crops.  The corn was halted from growing any further, even though it was only a week away from full ripeness, as the leaves prematurely shriveled, [...]

Shear delight… sort of.

After nearly 6 months of being a sheep-herd (I just can't adjust to the word 'shepherd' yet) I finally decided it was time to get out my shiny new pair of sheep shears and get cuttin'.  I read my sheep book, and practiced on the llama and the lamb first, poor dears.  I awarded them [...]