Who Can Resist? The Latest Cuteness from Our Ranch…

  Please visit http://victoryranch.wordpress.com/2012/12/21/great-pyrenees-pups-almost-ready-for-adoption/ for the latest news on our pups...  I guarantee you, they are kissable!!

Soaps, Goats, and Candles, Oh My!

My website (www.VictoryRanchOnline.com or http://www.VictoryRanchSoaps.com) has needed to be updated for a LONG time...  I was embarrassed when people went to it and asked me about animals we no longer own, and soaps whose mold shapes we didn't even have anymore because I melted them in the dishwasher (aka learning curve!)... as a natural sales [...]

Puppies, puppies, fluffy, fluffy puppies…

Here are two out of eight of our latest sweet additions to Victory Ranch!  We have eight fluffy and healthy purebred Great Pyrenees puppies, born January 4, 2012, who are ready for adoption on Feb 29, Leap Day!  Both their parents have sweet and loving temperaments and come from excellent lineage... Let us know if [...]

Two Week Old Puppy…

One of 8 sweet pure bred pups born to one of our Great Pyrenees mamas!  This one is "Gracie" 😉

Time for some pictures! …Christmas 2011

I'm just getting around to uploading some pictures from Christmas... Enjoy!  😉