He Gave Me Diamonds

He gave me diamonds this morning.


Though bank account lay bare
and still small bills eluded me
There they were,
glistening in glorious morning sun
Shades of infinite color
Uncapturable by human hand
Multitudes, huge wealth beyond measure
Yet only for me, for moments,
To savor
Before they dropped and disappeared…
He gave me diamonds.

He gave me soft baby feet to kiss this morning.


Baby feet from unexpected pregnancy
Baby feet that survived difficult arrival
Baby feet that are only mine to kiss
for a few short months
Exquisite, and accompanied by
giggling, gurgling baby smiles
Baby feet that move cutely while he nurses
Both of us giving each other life…
He gave me soft baby feet to kiss.

He gave me His treasures this morning…


Medal sent with innocent note of love
“We pray for you….”
Medal with powerful prayer engraved
Metal whose value is not measured
in gold or silver,
But in love and protection during difficult trials.
He gave me His treasures this morning.

He gave me a crown this morning.


A crown woven by delicate daughter
Unaccompanied by words
Except for “this is yours, Mommy.”
Staying fresh for only flower’s lifespan
It was mine, the heavenly crown that
wasn’t measured in prestige
But in the warmth of child’s hands that carefully crafted it
making it contain love and purity.
He gave me a crown this morning.

When I look down
I see such earthly lack
Such mystery in what we have
(Or haven’t)
And I cry out to Him,
When, when will we finally
have a moment to breathe
without such worldly threat
of almost losing everything
because we cling to life and love?

But when I look up
I see His smile…
What is rich?
What is poor?
I see that which I so kindly have
Cannot be grasped by human hands
Cannot be hoarded, stuffed away
And kept for lesser plans…
I see His smile,
And should earthly hope
Seem all but scant
He gives me wealth,
His sweet romance.


With love,



5 thoughts on “He Gave Me Diamonds

  1. 🌹🌹🌹I am truly in awe of you & your writings. You speak so much of what I feel. Divine. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Colleen 🌹


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