Surprised By Life!!


Now hear this! Now hear this!

As if Patrick Madrid didn’t already have a rather extensive arsenal of amazing books covering a myriad of engaging, easy-to-read subjects pointing toward the truth, he decided to add another awesome one to the list: Surprised By Life!

This book is edgy and realistic, while at the same time never losing sight of the end goal: God. If you are like me, and were, or are, the type who thinks you may have “gone too far” and shouldn’t “darken the doorway of a church,” this book is for you!

I am honored to share my own personal conversion in one of the chapters.  Many topics are covered here, and the authors of each chapter tell riveting real-life stories … Patrick reaches out to all of us through the various authors.  Please check it out! This one is tough to put down, my friends!

Click here for a link to Surprised by Life, where you can see a preview as well!

Love and blessings,


(Shalimar Masters)

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