Leap Day… Leaping Back Into LIFE!


I think Leap Day is the perfect day to……. LEAP back onto Life Victorious!

Introducing Andrew David Peter, affectionately known as “Drewsie”… He arrived the day before Thanksgiving, three weeks early, near the tail-end of the most difficult year of my life…

Drewsie’s story had already begun when we surprisingly discovered this little miracle, while I was finalizing a potential cancer diagnosis and a “planning” for a potential hysterectomy due to potential regrowth of deadly tumors.  Several months before, our year began with such shocking events, that this little life was literally all I hung onto as a sign of hope…

Well, truth be told, in addition to this little life, I clung to a hidden and radiant diamond, probably unnoticed by most who jog by it near the heart of Denver, Colorado… where bells ring at special times, where inexplicably beautiful art and heavenly sweet-smelling incense are tucked away inside whenever the doors are closed, and simple saints among us reach out in love and with no fanfare to the poorest homeless and troubled patrons of bars in downtown Denver… Almost like the womb of a young and beautiful mother, in that place remained hidden life, new life, that one may or may not be aware of, but nevertheless exists… And it called to me.  It beckoned our family… and was irresistible…

In there, each Sunday, we hung on for dear life (and sanity)… and we would begin a year that would hurl us headlong into dramatic change for our family… a change that we, nor any of our loved ones, ever saw coming…

And today, the writer’s block decided to go on vacation, and I decided to LEAP… It is time I tell you about 2015….

(…to be continued…)

(…oh, and I have missed you, my friends! 🙂 )

Love and life,







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