Sure as Hell?….

I ran across the phrase again today, I have uttered it so many times too, “Sure as Hell…” It struck me seeing the words in print…. why are we “Sure as Hell,” but not “sure as Heaven?” Are we so lost as a people, all we can be certain of is eternal separation from God, eternal loneliness, heart-break and a sense of loss? Are we so caught up in the negativity of the world around us that we can not see that there is more? I ask this because I am guilty too….

Too often I have given into anger and spoken rashly, harshly, when I should have been silent. Too many times I have not been able to enjoy the simple beauty around me, I can only see the war, the starvation and the grotesqueness around me mostly from my computer or TV screen. Seeing that phrase in a meme posted by a friend on Face Book… it caused me to pause… and struck me dumb.

What if instead we changed the phrase… What if instead of cursing we said, “Well, Sure as Heaven, the sun’s gonna come out tomorrow..” or “Sure as Heaven, I’m alive and breathing today…” It sounds so funny and strange to mouth those words.. but in the end, isn’t Heaven where we all want to end up anyway?

This Lenten season, I decided to forgo my usual sacrifices. Chocolate is too easy to give up because I know that after Easter, I can go back to what I did before… this year instead of the “I won’t…” I am trying to replace a bad habit with an “I will…” My worst habit is the tendency to focus on the negative.. I invite negativity into my life almost as naturally as breathing…I’m not talking about the “think positive” mumbo jumbo or the rose-colored glasses way of being positive, but more, of trusting God to manage the world, and only trying to carry my own cross. (shouldn’t that be enough, really?). Jesus didn’t say, “Take up your cross, and your sister’s cross, and the one of your President….” He just said, “Take up your cross and follow me.” I have to do my part, bear up under the challenges I am given and give the rest over to God… it’s hard for a control freak like me…but..”Sure as Heaven, I’ll get there one day!”

Have a Blessed Lent!

From my Heart to Yours,
The Hiland Rose

3 thoughts on “Sure as Hell?….

  1. Here’s another take. Maybe it means that Hell is real? That we must always be aware that it is “for real”. And, if we say “Sure as Heaven”, since it is an expression rather than a prayer, would it be wrong to say it? Would it be like saying that we expect heaven? Would that even be wrong? Would we be presumptuous or would we just be thinking of God’s graces? Just a couple of thoughts that struck me as I read it. It certainly is something to wonder about! Thanks for posting…now I have more to think about that had never occurred to me! ;)

    Lenten Blessings,

    • Thank you for commenting Elvira, I like your thought process… and yes, it is a reflection of God’s Graces that I was aiming for… regardless of our attaining it, Heaven is as real as Hell, but we seem to focus more on Hell…. it was an interesting thought process for me too.


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