Snowy Day = Blissful Mommy

How are you enjoying this bitter cold, the snow that’s suddenly decided to blow in, the crazy freezing wind and the accompanying wind chill?

I’m LOVING today, and yes, I’ve been out there in it. ;)

snowy day

This morning has been fabulous. It’s been peaceful and happy. It has been the kind of morning that makes me realize how blessed I am in my vocation as wife-and-mommy-extraordinaire.

So, even though my bumm has turned into permafrost after dropping the kids off at school this morning, I’m grateful for this cold. It’s made us slow down and relax, which is something that we often forget during the holiday season, especially during Advent as we prep for our upcoming festivities. It’s so important to slow down and focus on what is really important this Advent.

Here’s my recipe for today’s bliss:

I rocked out to Christmas carols and Sting and the Police on my way home from school drop off.

I came home and cuddled with my youngest daughter while she watched the original Smurfs cartoon.

I made homemade waffles and bacon for my spouse and daughter, followed by Quiche Lorraine for myself.

I didn’t do the dishes and I’m NOT sorry.

Why am I not sorry for not cleaning up after my breakfast mess? Because, when my hubby went to go pick up our middle daughter from Kindergarten, I sat down and played Cecilia’s version of Connect 4 and it was joyful.

connect 4

For 45 minutes we sat on the floor, racing each other to get the chips to the top of the Connect 4 game board.

Christmas carols were playing on my stereo and I had my Jimmy slippers on.


dog slippers

Seriously, it doesn’t get more blissful than this.

cc wins

I learned that Cecilia is an expert chip stacker. She’s going to be an excellent poker player, I can tell.

cc poker player

So, today, I’m taking the day off from stress and worry. I’m not worrying about Christmas gifts, or making my house spotless
(3 kids and 2 large dogs tracking snow in all day…clean house…hahahahaha…) or doing anything more useful than making lunch and dinner, then retrieving our oldest from school. Today is a day for enjoying my vocation as a wife and as a mother to 3 beautiful little girls. I am going to chill out with my family and enjoy my bliss. Is anyone going to join me in this most excellent activity?

After all, it’s the appropriate weather for chilling. ;)

content Jimmy

3 thoughts on “Snowy Day = Blissful Mommy

  1. Ha ha – you’re a much braver person than I. I’m sitting pretty with mild weather that STILL has me feeling bummed because it’s not 90+ degrees (I’m such a summer child).

    However, this is great. I hope you did “chill away” and enjoy everything. The pictures are adorable. <3

  2. Love the pictures Krys… had a crappy week but getting to hang with my five monkeys for the last couple days was the best, we made cookies yesterday and goofed around most of the day today between getting things ready for the whirlwind of decorating I want to do this weekend. Take care and enjoy!

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