In honor of Veteran’s Day 2013

Memory…. it can be selective, it can be historical, it can be painful, or it can be peaceful; but memory is a cord that ties a nation together. Do not throw memory away, do not steal from the young what is treasured by the old…. Remember all who have gone before, that shed blood and offered themselves, the greatest of sacrifices, to ensure that you can live in this great nation. Do not forget the countless millions that fought through history to guarantee your freedom at this moment in time, to speak truth, to live your life as you see fit. This did not just happen. Your rights are guaranteed by the blood sweat and tears of our military men and women and their families who work behind them. Do not throw this away America, and hand over your rights to a nanny state assuming those we voted for can think better than you. Do not dishonor our veterans and everything they have fought for, and currently protect while deployed abroad. Stand up and be counted. Remember!

From my heart to yours,
The Hiland Rose

3 thoughts on “In honor of Veteran’s Day 2013

    • Thank you Jason, I saw it from Facebook, I think Shalimar had reposted it there… it is more than beautiful, I cried through the whole thing…. we live in times that defy the imagination, it’s words like these sometimes that bring us back to earth reminding us of the reality behind our ideals, and what happens when they go awry…. thank you so much for sharing this…are you a vet? If so thank you so much to you and the family that supported you in your service.

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