And the Winner is… Forgiveness!!

HuggingIt’s Holy Week (the week before Easter), and I felt it was fitting to talk about the very subject of this week… Forgiveness, offered to ALL.

Here at Life Victorious, I have found it intriguing how most people arrive here.  Every day, on search engines all over the world, the top search BY FAR are words seeking ‘how to forgive’…  When I log in, I can see what people are searching for, what the most popular posts are, what country people are searching from, and how many people visit each day…  I have seen searches like ‘how to forgive my husband’, ‘how to write a letter of forgiveness to my wife’, ‘I want to forgive’… on and on… I have seen hundreds of different searches, and they are almost always about forgiveness.

This led me to realize one thing: that most of us truly want to forgive and are trying to figure out how.

The top read post of all time has been Open Letter of Forgiveness and Mercy: I Am Sorry…. Second in line has been My open letter of forgiveness…to the Ex-es and by Hiland Rose and third has been The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong., also by Hiland Rose.  I find that interesting… and humbling, as far as our posts, that people most of all want to read about forgiveness, but personally that my letter of apology to all I may have hurt throughout my life is of such interest to others.  I also find that exciting: that others are thinking like me, that I’m not the only one who desires that others, strangers, acquaintances, and loved ones simply forgive me for my flaws and mistakes.  It is so difficult when someone you have apologized to simply will not forgive you, or say that they do, but refuse to reconcile (which I kind of question how much they have really forgiven, unless I am missing something here…)   I truly desire forgiveness with all my heart, for myself and for others, and I desire reconciliation with anyone whose heart is open to such a heavenly experience.  It is freeing, freeing both the wrong-ee and the wrong-er (I just made up those words, but they seem to fit!) and allows for more joy in a relationship than existed before the wrong-doing or offense that was taken.

And so that brings me to Holy Week… This is the week of the Ultimate Forgiveness.  The Forgiveness of Christ, the redemption won… for ALL of us, all sins, so long as we accept His Mercy (and not reject His forgiveness… i.e. despair).  I find that in this last week of Lent (for those of you who celebrate in it, and those who don’t), this is a good time to ask the question: Is there anyone I still need to forgive?  Is there anyone, who when I hear their name or see their face on Facebook, I have an automatic “UGH!!!”?  Is there anyone I refuse to talk to even though they are seeking forgiveness/reconciliation with me?  Is there anyone we have what we think is justified anger towards him or her?  What about deep unforgiveness that we have become accustomed to towards our spouse, family member, someone in our past?

This is a huge challenge for me!  And as soon as I asked God to let me know who I was resenting, He let me know alright, and it was embarrassing…

Please join me in working extra hard this week to forgive anyone who has wounded us… let’s follow Christ’s example, as feeble as we are… He will supply the grace!

Lenten blessings,


5 thoughts on “And the Winner is… Forgiveness!!

  1. Sorry to put a damper on things, but The Weak Can Never Forgive, that one belongs to Krys200 not to me. Please make sure she gets the credit for that one. 😉



  2. Wonderful article and great reminder Shalimamma… We just got back in from a trip with the kids for spring break. I saw the article in my in box this morning. Blessings this Holy Week and Easter!


  3. Hi Shalimamma:) Thanks for sharing and posting all about FORGIVENESS! I thought this song would fit great here!
    Play video
    Matthew West – Forgiveness (Official Lyric Video) – Music Video
    Enjoy! It made me cry! In a good way:)

    forgive me please if this link doesn’t get you directly to it! THANKS!


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