Introducing… Drumroll… Life and Business Coaching!

DSCF1680Greetings!!!  I am so excited that I finally got to that seemingly elusive moment where I could launch two of our three new series to be added to Life Victorious: Life Coaching, and Business Coaching!

Here at Life Victorious, we have felt a steady calling to SOMEthing…. naming that ‘something’ has been quite a challenge, because we have had so many life experiences and have done so much brainstorming to find out what gives us life and best utilizes our gifts as well as helps our community.

And then we came upon the idea of life and business coaching, especially after we had received some of it ourselves and benefitted tremendously in both our personal lives and in our businesses….

Life and business coaching is an interesting concept… it’s not to be confused with counseling, or directing, or an education program, or training, or boot camp… and yet, it can contain facets of some or all of these qualities.   I like to think of a life coach as more of a mentor or a ‘doula’… You may have never heard of that word.  I  know I certainly hadn’t before I had my first baby.  A doula is someone who coaches a mother through labor (and if you are a man reading this, any words to try to describe labor will be insufficient, but let’s try kidney stones, or a very very long and painful marathon ;))  A doula is not a marine boot camp type person, saying “Breathe!  I said BREATHE, you worthless moron!”  And she is not someone who is simply a counselor, “So, tell me, what are those dark fears you have from childhood, and how would you rate your pain?”  A degree program on centimeters and labor pains won’t help much either, if a woman is just about to give birth.  She just needs to stay FOCUSSED on what is happening when she is immersed in the moment: a new birth.

A doula does this by being firm yet gentle… guiding the mother, relating with her personally (every mother is different), figuring out the mother’s needs, figuring out when to get out of the way or get in her face and say “Look at me.  Look at me.  Let me breathe with you (in… out… in… out…)”

This is how I see Life and Business Coaching, at least how good coaching would be.

Now, there are many types of coaching out there, depending on our needs and preferences.  Some people prefer a more boot camp style (or need it), and some people just have a few questions they want answered.  Some would like lots of guidance, others just need some encouragement.  Some prefer fitness coaching, or business coaching, or health management.  Whichever way works for you, be sure of the following pieces of advice before you proceed (especially when it involves your dollar bill ;))

First, be sure that the person you are seeking coaching from is a credible person who is healthy and balanced, and is being coached or mentored him or herself.  Don’t be intimidated to ask for the person’s history or passion or relevant past.  We have had several different coaches in our time, and we have discovered that there are a lot of people out there who want to share their advice.  Not all of them should be sharing it.

Second, look for someone who works with a team.  This doesn’t mean that they can’t have their own office, but generally, the field of ‘coaching’ requires several different people to cover all of the necessary facets.  For instance, let’s say you want help with fitness and building up body muscle.  Shalimamma would refer you to someone on my ‘team’ (or network) who could help you, because goodness knows, that would not be my strong area!

And this leads to my third point, which is to be sure you are specifically looking for coaching.  It is possible that you need some counselling (I say this from experience for my own self) that might deal with some issues better than a coach.  A coach is an encourager helping you to get on and stay on the right track, but isn’t necessarily the right person to help you with deep healings (and, they may not be qualified to handle such information.)  A good coach would be able to refer you to the right person to get any help you need.

So how does business coaching fit in?  I personally believe that coaching for business is vital, whether you are launching one, or trying to grow, increase your revenue, or fill in the gaps that all of us have when it comes to accomplishing any mission.  Running a business can be tremendously fun at first, especially when dollars are pouring in, kind of like those first few miles running a marathon.  But then aches and pains start to develop, and we can either quit, or run THROUGH the cramps to become even more successful.  This is where a coach often comes in, to say “Keep going!  Only one more mile!  You’re doing it!”  Sometimes a coach gets you a necessary drink along the way, or in business, shows you a necessary business principle that you wouldn’t have thought of.

This is an introduction to what we at Life Victorious have been doing all along, only we hadn’t realized it, and we were pretty raw when we began.  We are still learning!  And we will be learning for the rest of our lives…

As for me, most of my education comes from the school of hard knocks.  I find I learn the most lessons there.  I am excited to share them with you.  And thank goodness, on my team, I have a Business BA and Accounting Masters and MBA hubby to check with in case we need to draw from his expertise from the School of Hard Knocks PLUS the other kind of school.  And with us, we have a growing team of colleauges and mentors whose talents and expertise we draw upon as well.

I will be sharing with you some free tidbits of coaching to encourage you and hopefully give you a little insight.  I absolutely welcome your comments and even additional articles if you would like to be published.  We each see life through our own lenses and experiences, and I bet you have a TON to add that I could learn from as well!

Our life coaching tidbits will be found in the category Life Coaching for All of Us, and our business coaching tidbits will be under Business Coaching from the Masters (Family).

If you would like to dive in deeper with personalized coaching for Life, Business, or both, we offer a coaching program as well.  You may call us anytime at (719) 541-541-LIFE.

Abundant blessings… and thank you for visiting Life Victorious!  Stay tuned!  😉

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