Taking Inventory…

ListIt’s hard to believe that 2012 is almost coming to a close…

So much happened this year, for pretty much everyone… in our countries, our towns, and especially in our personal lives.

Facebook has a ‘year in review.’  People start coming up with what they ‘want to do better’ (aka New Year’s resolution) in the start of the new year.  Many are anxious to put the year behind them and move ahead…

For myself, I thought it would be a good time to ‘take inventory’ of not only my own life and its direction, but also of Life Victorious.  I have reread some of my stories and postings.  It has been funny to see how far I’ve come, and I have read some of my past posts with relief that I am no longer in certain situations, as well as a slight shock that I got THROUGH certain situations… and then there are those posts that have felt like stumbling upon one of those pictures of me as a little girl in the 80s, complete with a mullet and glasses that doomed a poor child to perpetual rejection no matter how charming or outgoing her personality, until the style mercifully changed.  We laugh sometimes when we see those pictures of ourselves with those old hairstyles and plaid clothes… and yet, at the time, we thought we were pretty hot stuff.  (Correction: I NEVER liked those glasses OR the mullet ;))  It was just where we were in the past.  And look how far we’ve come (hopefully!)

Well, some of my posts have 80s hairdos.  At the time, they seemed like framable articles that surely should have been released to the Reader’s Digest or at least one of those famous blogs.  Reading some of them now, I cringe, chuckle, and click ‘next’ all at the same time… but that is where I was.  And this is where I am, and in a way, it is neat to see a bit of history and a way to measure growth.  So for many of them, I think it is fitting to show the rawness of where I have come from, no matter how this site evolves and moves in a greater direction.  For others, maybe we could skip the Michael Jackson glove.  😉

So, just as I connected important dots earlier in Advent, I will also be taking inventory on what I really want my message to be.  (To our other authors, don’t worry!  I won’t inventory YOURS!)

But that’s not the exciting news.

SOMETHING EXCITING IS UP AHEAD!!!  And I can’t tell you what it is!

Ok, ok, I’ll give you a teaser.  I am adding two significant sections to our site, which are going to be fun, uplifting, humorous, REAL, challenging, and I believe, fruit-bearing, for you and for me.  One has to do with a ‘way of life’ that is transforming me from the inside out.  No, no, no… it’s not some fancy sports drink or marketing scheme.  It’s a way of thinking, one I have never heard before, and I daresay most of you haven’t either, or at least you’ve heard it, but not packaged this way.  My hubby and I are growing so significantly that we are in an upward spiral.  Amazing things are happening, and we want to learn more, too, so we will be sharing and listening and learning in new ways this New Year…

And speaking of upward spirals, the second section is going to introduce to you the way we are serving and helping people through what we are passionate about… again, not a fancy sports drink, marketing scheme, or timeshare 😉  This is a part of our family mission, and it’s working… we are excited to share this with you!

Sooooo….. stay tuned!

While I’m taking inventory of not only my blog but myself as well, I invite you to do the same.  What did you learn from this year?  What are you excited about accomplishing in 2013 and beyond?  How can we use the MOST of the talents God gave us for his purposes and for our joy?

I can hear those fireworks already…

Wishing you joy,


5 thoughts on “Taking Inventory…

  1. Gah – stop making me wait, lady. I’ve been back every day (sometimes twice) since the 31st and I see nothing to satiate my curiosity!!!

    Buuut, I’m excited to see what’s next for you guys! Woooo hooo!


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