Forgiving a Monster… ?

Tear in eyesMany Fridays, I have written a ‘letter of forgiveness’ to those I feel I need to forgive, here at Life Victorious.  It has been a powerful and healing practice for me, as well as some of our other authors and commenters.

Last Friday, I was stunned and sickened.

I was taking a little unintended “Advent break” from writing as we work around the many stresses and pressures that seem to come around this year.  I wouldn’t even begin to list them because it will stress me out again this morning if I did 😉  But suffice it to say, I have barely had a moment to breathe this past month.  Life has simply been jam-packed to overflowing, and I had resolved to share the tidbits of wisdom and transformation I have gleaned over the last month in the start of the New Year.

And then a lunatic went around and shot a bunch of beautiful teachers and children in Connecticut.

Over the weekend, I tried to move on with the Christmas pageant at our church, and all the other events going on… but underlying was this deep anger and distress.  Preachers across America no doubt preached on the Connecticut shooting, helping us to know what to do in the face of such tragedy and horror.  Our preacher made the sad but true connection between the willful murder of too-many-to-count preborn babies through abortion with the steady increase of the shooting of children, as society as a whole disregards the value and sanctity of life.

On my drive home from church, I had my own revelation.

I wasn’t angry at Adam Lanza.

I shocked myself with this.  I used to spend years angry at terrorists, horrible leaders, child predators, abortionists, people who hurt others mentally and/or physically… but that particular anger seemed to have dissolved…

…for the perpetrators.

My anger, I realized, was and is, for satan.  Behind these heinous acts, the only explanation for such violence is a heart ruled by satan, and a person who has chosen to do the devil’s work.

Don’t give me ‘the insanity’ thing.  Or do, but recognize that to give ones life over to satan IS insanity.  But your choice is in deciding who to worship in the first place.

There are no gun control laws or school lockdowns that will stop the violence toward innocents.  What is needed is our society to turn back to God, the Creator of life.  How can our society pretend to be shocked with the events on Friday, December 14th, when we are so schizophrenic that we deem it acceptable to kill an ‘unwanted’ infant born alive in a botched abortion?  Mr. President, do you shed a tear for them, too?

We are living in a culture of death right now, across the world.  However, death will not be victorious, and in fact, it has already been conquered.  We must simply live out our lives building up a culture of life, slowly but surely, and not letting satan’s work deter us.

I cannot imagine what the families of Friday’s victims are experiencing.  Our whole nation is grieving… but theirs is a deep, inexplicable grief.  My heart deeply goes out to all who are directly affected by the horror in Connecticut.  My prayers are with you, that God brings you peace that transcends all understanding.

As for satan, he has already lost.   As for Adam Lanza?  He is already experiencing more of a consequence than we can imagine.

With love for the Creator of Life,


3 thoughts on “Forgiving a Monster… ?

  1. You said it better than I would have…. Evil does roam the earth like a lion…. (old testament reference there) My heart broke for thes families but like you I see that no amount of guns or gun control will solve this issue until we remember that each and every life is precious….our culture doesn’t see this, our children are not being shown this outside of the church or our homes… our country needs to wake up! Gun control isn’t the answer, self control and love is.

    Can the days be any darker?
    Can fear not be any more real?
    Candle flames push back the shadows.
    Little beacons burning bright.

    Tears, purity and grace in them,
    course down the faces of thousands strong.
    Each life so dear was taken,
    Each heart so new was silenced.
    Each day we must keep living,
    While to these saints we’re praying.

    Life is a precious gift, you see?
    It is not ours to take for granted.
    Life is made by God from the begining,
    and each one is held in His loving hands.

    There are no words of solace
    uttered by mortal lips to heal,
    There are no legal answers
    To the heartcry that we hear.

    There is only hope you see,
    Hope in a babe, so innocent and poor.
    Born in a stable, not in splendor,
    Who understands,
    Stretched out his hands,
    and redeemed a world in darkness.

    For all of you, who have lost children, family, and dear companions in violence… My prayers are for you, for the families of Sandy Hook, whose grief is so new and raw, my heart is broken for you.

    Blessings and peace to you,
    The Hiland Rose


    1. Woooooowwwwww……. Oh my goodness, what a beautiful poem. Thank you for sharing this!!!!!!

      So perfectly stated: “Gun control isn’t the answer, self control and love is.”



  2. Best of all, the victim’s father, Robbie Parker, forgave the gunman. People, think of good Lanzas: Mario Lanza (the singer) and Walter Lanza (the real family name of the Woody Woodpecker guy!).


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