So… NOW what?!

So, I, like millions around our beautiful country, as well as billions around the world, stayed glued to the election results last night.  LATE last night.

I kept thinking that maybe there had been a glitch due to an overwhelming solar flare mixed with global warming caused by the heat given off from libs who threatened to riot and loot should their ‘messiah’ not get elected.  That, mixed with the hot air coming from Roseanne Barr…

Actually, I am thankful for Roseanne Barr.  She gave me something to laugh about.  And heck, that took some guts.  And really, she kind of won, being a marijuana fan and all.

Still, once I saw that word “concede” flashing all across the internet, and allowed myself to feel a mixture of “Wha…. and NO! and huh? and AAAAGGGGHHHHH!!!”,  I put in ear plugs and went to sleep, with a haunting posting I had read (out of many that were coming across facebook at lightening speed) swirling in my head…  It read: “I prayed and prayed to God that Romney wouldn’t win.  He heard my prayer.”

I woke up this morning with a pit in my stomach.  He heard her prayer… He heard her prayer…. But… what about mine?

He heard mine, too.  I am certain of it.  Because although I can peacefully say that I did not have blinders on at the polls, and my votes were most in line with the God mentioned in our Constitution, I am at peace.  Sort of…

I am at peace with the fact that nothing has changed in my faith except for the fact that I am revved up more and in love with the Lord more.  The sheeple will see what they voted in… if we’re lucky (blessed) it will take more than a month before the more serious consequences from compromising our Constitution take place.  Indeed, the compromise had already begun.  When it hits people’s front door, they will wake up.

I don’t mean to blame all this on Obama whatsoever.  Actually, he is just a representative of where half our country is in terms of logic, ethics, faith, morals, sensibility, passion, and realization of what people fought and died for so that we could actually vote in Mickey Mouse if we wanted to.  Unfortunately, people don’t realize that this right can also be taken away… especially if we give it away.

But I think we’re all tired of political shmolitical at this point.  I know I am.  So Washington DC is out of our hands, as well as state decisions, and heck, most of the big hierarchy church ones.  Most of us are ‘little people’ kind of living our own lives with no huge influence over a huge amount of people… right?  What’s done is done, right?

Not quite.

You see, now is the time for the battle for truth and life to get personal.  It’s not some issue in a faraway land that has been voted on.  You can’t vote on life.  You can’t vote on truth.  God already decided that life is life and truth is truth.  And we now need to bring our defense of life and truth into our every day work place, be it our homes, our businesses, our offices, our churches… we need to be a living witness and we need to realize that Obama or any government doesn’t and CAN’T change truth.

And so here is what I did today… just a small example.  It wasn’t planned, but I was put in the right place at the right time, it seems, even though it was a disheartening experience.

I was at the post office in our small town.  The friendly clerk was stamping my package, and I was making small talk about the stress of the election results, complete with subtle facial expressions… or maybe not so subtle.  He agreed, subtly, and this was no surprise because if you live in a small farm town, you better believe people know how to work hard, and they don’t tend to be looking for handouts.  They tend to be familiar with the 2nd Amendment as well.  But I digress…

A gentleman behind me in line, who claimed to be 69 years old, suddenly said, “Well, I just won $100 on a vote that Obama would win.  I’m a happy man.”  At first I questioned him, “Really?  We all thought there was a good chance that things could have gone differently!”  I thought since he was in the small town post office that he was one of small town folks.

…until he pointed at me and said, “Little middle class women like you would have been stabbed in the @!$ if Romney would have won.”

Dude was like 6 feet tall.  At that point, my personality became 8 feet tall.  Nice friendly shalimamma turned around, looked him straight in the eye.  And before I knew it, this popped out: “How do you know I’m not a millionaire?”

The nice clerk accidentally chuckled, then cleared his throat.  He lives like a few blocks from us so he found this funny.  It was funny, and soon my serious look softened.  I thought, “Ah, he’s just a misguided older guy.”  So I said cordially, “You’re not from around here, are you?”

He grinned, “Oh no way.  I’m from Minnesota…”

Me: “And you voted for Obama?”

Him: “Of course!”

Me, still trying to be friendly and diplomatic: “So you guys don’t have gas pumps there?  And you have tons of jobs?”

There was another stifled chuckle from the clerk, and even though I am passionate about many issues, I was trying to keep things to the obvious failing economy.

But get this.  His reply was, “Planned Parenthood is the best thing that you girls have.  Yeah.  You all need to stop popping out babies and you need to take responsibility.  Get on a pill and be responsible.”

Suddenly, I felt that I was back in some chauvinist black and white movie where I should be wearing a skirt and asking the guy if I could tie his shoes.   I was at the post office without my kids, so he assumed I didn’t have any.

I mumbled to the clerk, “Responsibility is one thing.  Murdering children is another.  I’m just sayin’…”  By now the clerk was in an awkward position of agreeing with me but desperately trying to stay out of that conversation.  So he said, “That will be 65 cents, sir.”  The guy plunked down the money (after arguing that amount, too, mind you) and he said, “It’s responsibility.  We would all be better off without all these girls popping out babies.”

Apparently he wasn’t done.  He looked over at me, and I said, “You know, I have 8 children, and I love every single one of them.”

He said, “Holy %$@#&^$@!!!!!”

And then, as I turned to leave, I said, “Well, as of right now, we are still in a free country, and I support your right to have different beliefs…” He looked away…

And as I reached for the door handle, I said, “And sir, sooner or later, those of us who are popping out babies are going to outnumber those of you who are opposed to it.  So God bless!”

I practically ran out of the post office, while several native townsfolk smiled and waved at me.

Yeah, it’s local.  For all of us.  Whether we’re in a checkout line, at our work, with friends… wherever… we are called to witness to truth.

And slowly but surely, those who know the truth will outnumber those who don’t.

Keep fighting the good fight!  Sure, I’m totally Obummered out.  But it’s not about him.  Or any party.  We already know the end of the story.  We know who wins.

Those who stand with God.




16 thoughts on “So… NOW what?!

  1. Amen! I love this! So happy that you stood up and said something. It’s very interesting that we can focus on our vote to better the economy, create jobs, lower the immoral national debt, etc. but in the end everyone will bring up Planned Parenthood – because America didn’t vote based on the economy, they voted on social issues. Period. A very interesting and disheartening turn of events.


  2. I would have also mentioned that just “getting on a pill” is contributing to the epidemic of women’s cancers in recent times. Nice to know people care about that as well.


  3. Wow!!! Dude was lucky it was you in front of him and not me…. there might have been a worse feeling between us when I was done… I know people out there hold those opinions, I had to face Erics family at first with that attituede. Funny how five grand children changed their minds, My Father in Law came to me and admitted he was worried at first, he thought we were being irresponsible, but then now, he couldn’t imagine not having my last three kids around, he loves them all and sees how special they are… especially my youngest who they had watched during the day until she was six months old, she helped them heal….Hope Minnesota man was eating crow all the way home… grrrrrrr…..

    Planned Parenthood cares nothing about women or women’s isues, they are an industry that uses the destruction of life as the means for their income. People ought to read about Margaret Sanger… a flapper who felt the poor and mentally ill and minorities were pestilence and the best way to control them, keep them down and out of our society was to encourage their murder in the womb. To this day, planned parenthood clinics that perform abortions have their highest concentrations in walking distance from poor and low income neighborhoods. This isn’t made up folks, it is a reality. Best thing that ever happened to us, huh? Why don’t men commit to marriage any more? Why are women still making only 80 cents on the dollar for the same level of employment as men? If we have Planned Parenthood to thank for our freedom, why are women being told in order to be functioning members of the greatest society on earth that their progeny are a curse to the world? If they freed us why are we suppressing our bodies, abusing our wombs and suggesting that we become less than toys to men because we take away the consequences of indiscretion? Popping a pill does not encourage responsibility. Taking care of and raising the children that result from unions, favorable or not, that is responsibility.

    Sorry this is so long… I get fired up… like I said dude was lucky it was you and not me… he might have been chased to his car, or worse, I might have held my tongue to prevent that.



    1. Wow, Hiland… this is a great post in itself!!! EXCELLENT points!! It is amazing and sad, if people hear the same lie enough times (a tactic Hitler used to brainwash). This guy had heard this lie so many times that he was convinced, even though he is the youngest of 12 children. (Didn’t mention that in the post, but he threw that in there)… and, get this, he loved his family. So apparently it was ok for his mom to pop out #12 (him) but all ‘those minorities’ need to be sterile. It is sad for me to see that he, and many others, can’t hear what they are saying. My daughter put it best on the way home: “But, everyone who believes in abortion was given life by their own mother! I don’t get it!” I don’t get it either… God help us 😉



      1. I agree with Shal, great response, Hiland. Margaret Sanger was a twisted woman who probably secretly cheered for Hitler. Their thoughts are so parallel, they could be twins. Birth control and abortion are so horrible. Not only do they murder children but they also screw around with a woman’s body so badly. Cancer, blood clots, tearing, perforations, and death are only a few of the well documented side effects. There are more commercials for lawyers suing contraceptive companies than there are for lawyers suing because of asbestos!


  4. Wow, Shal. You continue to inspire me. I’m just so stinking angry about the results of this election that I cannot trust myself to speak. I would have eviscerated that guy! You handled it so much more gracefully than I would have. You are right though, 110%. We need to continue the fight. Take it to the mattresses. Keep calm and carry on. Nothing else is going to get us through the mess of ____ that’s going to hit the fan shortly. Right is right, truth is truth, and neither this country nor my liberal family members will ever convince me otherwise.

    I think I need to go can something… 😉


  5. The whole argument that Planned Parenthood is necessary because that is the only place many lower-income women can get screenings, mammograms, pap tests or other is just plain faulty. When my husband and I were first married we lived in downtown Cleveland, OH, worked at the university and did not have health insurance. While we were getting his immigration papers passed legally through the system and he could only work within his visa limitations, we went without insurance for more than 2 years. If we were sick or needed exams, we went to the private local clinic! What’s wrong with that? The idea that women need Planned Parenthood to survive hard times is liberal propaganda. Ugh.


    1. Hear Hear, When I was pregnant with Veronica we couldn’t afford extra materinity coverage, (seriously backward if you ask me.) So we qualified for medicaid, (my husband was an over the road trucker at the time) her birth was entirely paid for. Planned Parenthood was not needed at all for my tests, screenings and follow up care either… In fact, if you want a mammogram and can’t afford one, the health department usually will issue referrals and you don’t need to go to PP to get anything done. Oh, another fun fact, PP doesn’t provide the preventative services like paps and mammograms, they collect the funding, write referrals and you see another doctor, not a medical professional actually working for Planned Parenthood. I could walk into my local health department office and get the same services, so much for the generosity of PP.


  6. 1st off A Mother and Wife has equal rights to take care of there children it’s not a father job that view is 1950′s it’s 2012. What do we do now ? I will tell you we stand up and support our President Barack Obama and beat back any racist, homophobic, anti woman people and those that think as Catholics we are suppose to look down because ‘Our God is Better than Your God” Finally have you ever thought that God may have wanted Barack Obama to win a second term because Mitt Romney only cared about the 1% of white . I have no plans of being a saint I want to be a good citizen that supports equal rights for all Black, White, Straight, Gay



  7. Three States voted to stand for Marriage Equality and Two for to Legalize small amounts of Pot . I am so proud that citizens including Catholics have had it with this 1950’s Social Agenda of the Wingnut Tea Party made up of racist homophobics We on the Left are finally winning and that does not take away from be being a Catholic as I am a US Citizen 1st Catholic 2nd


    1. Well, woo hoo!! Welcome, Mr… or Mrs… (can’t tell because I’m distracted by your shirt) King! It is good to have a fellow wingnut visit, albeit a different type of wingnut than myself.

      Gotta say, you libs make me chuckle. I love that whole “racist homophobe” thing… Seriously? I have YET to come across a (truly) catholic site or conservative site or Christian site and find people saying “I hate people with a different skin color than me”… talk about living back in the 50s, dude. It’s 2012, remember? Actually, I don’t even think I’ve MET anyone who is racist in my entire life, and I’ve been all over the world. Course, maybe I’m not a baby boomer… ahem. Anyhoo, and homophobe? Where on here, or anywhere, have you heard me or anyone say “Ahhhhhh!!!! OMGosh!!!!! It’s a gay person!!!! Run for your lives!!!!!” Pulease. Spiders, yes. Gay people, no. So if you don’t mind, please think about what you are saying. You are using canned words from signs (or from Woodstock) without THINKING about what you are saying. Before you accuse any of us of being racist homophobes, maybe you should ask. Otherwise, I might tell you that you are a Nazi heterophobe. But that wouldn’t be very nice, now, would it? 😉

      The sad part about all this is that you “claim to be Catholic” but you say the US first and Catholic 2nd. Uh, no. It doesn’t work that way. Perhaps you were catechised in the basement of some convent with very short haired nuns smoking pot (it’s legal now anyway, in my state), but God ALWAYS comes first. Country second… or in my case, it would be my family second. There is no such thing as your faith is second to your country, because that would mean you worship America, not God.

      And lastly, love the t-shirt. Actually, I know a few hundred countries that are liberal socialist. I lived in one for a few years. You should check them out. Oh, you might lose a few freedoms here and there, and they might ration your health care and stuff, but hey… all in the name of country before faith, right? The point is that you don’t belong here, in the US, where we are a free republic UNDER GOD (get that?). If you REALLY wanna go all out, why not check out communism?

      And as far as the Church, you are embarrassing me. Although, I bet Biden and Pelosi just love ya. Still, I suggest getting to know what the Catholic church, or even the bible says, or finding a new religion so that you can fit in.

      With love and a smile, of course, in the only true God,


      1. If you say “gay people should not be allowed to marry or adopt children or get the same spousal benefits from a employer or rent a apartment or housing” that is homophobic


    2. Funny that,
      Who will sit in the judgement seat on your last day? Who will stand and pass judgement on your soul? The United States of America?! Obama? Biden? whoo boy, I’d pay to see that LOL!

      Seriously, get your priorities straight! God isn’t asking how faithful you were to your party line, he’s asking how you loved! Spouting rhetoric and slogans, isn’t love. Hope you figure it out soon.


  8. M. King, the word ‘phobic’ means ‘afraid of’ or ‘irrational fear.’ Look it up. I am not, and have never been afraid of anyone who is gay. Ever. We are in a battle of words these days. Words are important… people die because of words being misused, kind of like all the Jews in concentration camps, because the Nazis were taught that “jew” meant “non-human”. If you truly want to know truth, be sure to find the right word for what you are saying. You are implying I (or others) believe that gay people “shouldn’t be allowed to marry or adopt or get the same spousal benefits…” Whether we think this way or not does not mean we are afraid. That would be like saying ‘I don’t believe in such-and-such a religion.’ Doesn’t mean I’m afraid of it, it just means I believe differently.

    Intellectually, I want you to know that gay people already have all these rights. Gay people adopt children all the time, they join in unions and ‘marry’ all the time, and they have all the rights in the world to rent an apartment together. Do you mean that their lifestyle should be heralded from the rooftops as more worthy than a hetero couple? It seems to me that ‘liberal socialists’ want to shove their beliefs down MY throat instead of being tolerant that some of us may have some beliefs in morality that differ from yours. The correct word may be ‘anti-gay-lifestyle’ or ‘pro-hetero-lifestyle’ for some… not phobic. To be honest, just like I have never (thank goodness) met a true racist under the age of 90, I have never met anyone, even if they are gun-totin’ rednecked conservative tea partiers, afraid of gay people.

    As far as my personal opinon, gay people are some of the nicest people I have ever met… gay activists, some who aren’t even gay, are a different story usually. I have mentioned many times on this blog that I love all people, including gay people. I love drug addicts, people stuck in cults, people who were dealt a horrible hand in life… doesn’t mean I think they should live outside God’s will and I am only saying this because you profess to be catholic, so I assume you believe in God?)… but I love them and I am not afraid of them. ALSO: Gay is different than Gay Lifestyle.

    On another note, I am glad you wrote again. I was thinking that you were ‘trolling’ websites like mine, but truly, I am glad to hear your thoughts and opinions, even if they differ from mine. In fact, I applaud you. Many libs are insulting and only have something like ‘keep your rosaries off my ovaries’ to say (sorry, that one makes me laugh ;)) You have brought up your honest thoughts, and I thank you, as well as respect your difference in beliefs. I do challenge you, though, to look into the faith that you say you are part of. Check out a catechism. Look up gay lifestyle. See if you really want to be catholic or if you are going through motions for some reason. I know I had to look into these kinds of things at one time because I wasn’t sure I wanted to be catholic. I had to look into it again last year. I believe God always wants us to search for truth…

    All the best to you 😉


    1. Dear Mr King,

      Seriously? Wow, I haven’t heard that much hiding behind slogans in a long time…. a really long time…

      Dude, I can see by your profile and your pic that you are older than I am so I am guessing you remember the “sexual revolution.” I am inferring from your tone, that you appreciated the upheaval and disregard for women and the reality of what it meant to be married, to love God and to truly be a Catholic. I am laying it all out for you sir because, I have had it up to my ears in people who will spout slogans but in the trenches will waffle under pressure or worse react in violence because people don’t agree with them… Yes Liberals can be down right brutal, I’ve had my share of dealing with the stone wall inability to listen and understand the other side. There is no dialog, it’s all one sided friend.

      For the record, I am not afraid of Gay people either. I love members of my family who have made the decision to live as a gay couple, do I approve? Not really, but I still love them. In fact they are some of the most sophisitcated and educated people I know. They understand where I am coming from, I understand where they are coming from and although we don’t see eye to eye on the issues of Gay Life Style choices, we still look forward to seeing eachother at family events and I was there to hold one of them’s hand at the funeral for her father. Don’t you dare even go there with me!

      You might want to check out my articles on Sin Sex and Marriage. Maybe you need to go back to your catechism or check out Pope John Paul’s Theology of the Body before you start attacking the Catholic Church and accusing faithful Catholics of hating and being homphobic and racist. Do you like being able to go to the hospital? Do you like the fact that children get educated in this country? Thank St Elizabeth Seton for the educational system the government borrowed. Thank St Vincent De Paul for the idea that Medicine is for everyone, not just the rich. I am sorry that your comments revealed such a lack of thought. Please don’t claim to be Catholic while dogging on the Church, it’s insulting.

      Thank you for being brave enough to comment here.. we do really embrace everyone but sometimes things need to be said… you are not alone in your opinions, and for now, we are a nation where you are as free to share them as we are. Instead of cherry picking the bits and pieces about the Faith that appeal to you, perhaps you can join us in prayer for our nation, for the world that so desperately needs God, as it seems to be growing darker by the hour. I understand the basis for most socialistic idealism boils down to a desire for true equality and freedom, and a hope that everyone can have access to the same opportunities. Like all things though, if we Leave God out of the equation, it will fail. Socialism in the modern world suggests that we must deny all religions in order to be fair to everyone. To allow all life styles, immoral or not and give care of this to the State as opposed to allowing the individual to decide for himself… I can’t live like that. You don’t have the right to ask me to either.

      The Hiland Rose


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