My Vote… With a Smile

There once were two candidates for President

Who spread all their ads on the internet.

Romney’s were clean,

Obama’s: obscene…

So I asked myself, “How am I bent?”

Do I want someone “paying” my mortgage bill?

And should I get a free phone “Obama cell”?

Tempting that sounded

but the Fathers who Founded

seemed convinced we should work harder still…

So I looked at this guy who was CEO

And I thought, “What, me thinks, would Mitt Romney know?”

Well, he might have a clue

how to get work for you,

and he might know a tad

’bout that ‘ole ledger pad,

and he might value life

since he’s got kids and wife,

and he might value freedom

‘stead of socialist “glee-dom”…

So I s’pose the American

with the good-looking hair trim

will undoubtedly earn my glad vote.

Copyright 2012  ‘My vote in 2012’  by Shalimar Masters

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