Saints, Sinners, and Humble Pie

It’s All Saints’ Day today…

Yeah, and to properly picture All Saints Day, most of us see floating muscular people with Italian feet perfectly posed.

Me?  Today I look like some wretched sinner groveling in the corner of Michelangelo’s “Last Judgment” painting.  Complete with bags under my eyes from 3 hours’ sleep last night.

I would like to say that my lack of sleep was completely due to an illegal dose of Jolly Ranchers raided from the children’s Halloween stash.  But it was only 50% the candy.  The other 50% was that I also enjoyed a nice slice of humble pie, pumpkin flavored, to go with the Jolly Ranchers.

I was thinking last night, All Hallow’s Eve, of how I feel so SO righteous so much of the time, but how I really am so imperfect and ignorant at the same time.  Sure, sure, we all are.  And if we don’t think we are, we might just be the president.  Ok, scratch that.  I’m also fired up about the coming elections and the whole Lybia thing.  But I digress…

I know in my heart that the real, true way to love and invite sinners to be saints is to take whippings and crucifixions silently as Christ did, without the least bit of lashing out at his oppressors.  He could have said so much from the cross, like “Hey!  I’m God, and you’re a bunch of idiots who are going to hell.  I’m talkin’ to you Pharisees.  Yeah, you.”

But He didn’t.

He did express His pain, His abandonment…. but His Holy Vengeance was with satan himself that night when He slashed through the gates of hell and conquered sin once and for all.

Why can’t I be more like Him?

Why do I want to take justice upon my shoulders, both in my personal life, and in the world, and set it all right (the gospel according to shalimamma?  Eeeek…)

Most importantly, why don’t I trust HIM to take care of it all?

I guess I keep forgetting that God is God and I am not.  I am… a sinner.

And that’s what’s awesome about today.  All those floaty people were once like me.  They said stupid things sometimes, they yelled at their kids (or fellow nuns or brothers), they had addictions, they were deeply entrenched in sin…

…and then Christ saved them.  And now they are saints.

We have the same hope, and the same joy, that Jesus can transform any of us, even a wretch like me, into a saint.

How awesome is that?

Happy All Saint’s Day…  😉




7 thoughts on “Saints, Sinners, and Humble Pie

  1. What a nice reminder of what today is about, Shal. However, I don’t want people looking at my cheesy feet. That would just be… wrong…


  2. Muscular Italians with perfectly posed feet… tee hee…
    Love that. Luckily an artist’s ideal of beauty isn’t the only measure of sainthood!
    Love the reflection on All Saints Shal… love it.


      1. No need to change the wording. I am quite content with meditating on muscular Italians 😉

        Thanks, Hiland! Or can I just say Donna now? I am so used to Hiland and I love the image of a Hiland Rose… 😉


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