Open Heart Surgery… For All of Us

 My dad had a heart attack last Monday. Yesterday, he had a triple bypass, and is just beginning the long road to recovery. I accompanied my mom while he was undergoing the operation, and we talked about wonderful things, even joked, because I don't think either of us really wanted to think of the details [...]

Feeling Blessed… For Those of Us Who are Realists

The phone rang and I answered. It was a kind gentleman that we know who has one of those personalities that could charm Mr. Scrooge.  I asked, "How are you?" He answered, "I am blessed.  How are you?" I froze... he happened to ask that question on a rather rotten morning for me, and I [...]

My Vote… With a Smile

There once were two candidates for President Who spread all their ads on the internet. Romney's were clean, Obama's: obscene... So I asked myself, "How am I bent?" Do I want someone "paying" my mortgage bill? And should I get a free phone "Obama cell"? Tempting that sounded but the Fathers who Founded seemed convinced we [...]

Saints, Sinners, and Humble Pie

It's All Saints' Day today... Yeah, and to properly picture All Saints Day, most of us see floating muscular people with Italian feet perfectly posed. Me?  Today I look like some wretched sinner groveling in the corner of Michelangelo's "Last Judgment" painting.  Complete with bags under my eyes from 3 hours' sleep last night. I [...]