Pride Will NOT Win the Battle for Life

Well, howdy, there, my friends!

Yes, yes, I know it’s been a million years since I have been here and had a chance to write… some of this is due to intense involvement in my chillens’ education, and to making soaps in preparation for the Christmas Season (!)  … 😉 shameless plug…

But that doesn’t mean my mind isn’t swarming with many thoughts to write down.  Especially during this extremely pivotal time in our election history.

I wanted to share this thought with you this morning as I was pondering ideas before everyone woke up and our home became a flurry of activity.  I finally checked my facebook account (been avoiding that one largely due to political turmoil… but I thought I should at least check in here and there…) and came upon a quote, or several quotes, from well-meaning, ultra-conservative people.  I realized from enough of their status updates over the years that these quotes weren’t just for today or for this week, or because we are praying for a GOOD president this time around, but that these people almost always publish quotes like these and little else, like what’s going on in their real lives.  (If you are one of my friends on facebook, I am not talking about you ;))

I’m not talking about those beautiful uplifting quotes that warm your heart and seem to spring from a person who truly loves their neighbor.  I’m talking about the quote that goes something like this: “Unless you reverance God in the way He should be reveranced with incense and bells and whistles, and shun the world and never smile and maintain your death-like serious composure, because this is SERIOUS, and everyone else is evil except for a little group of us who really know the truth, you shall not be saved.  Council of Superiorious Justiceus Judgmentus Section 2315: section 3a”  Yeah, something like that.  The kind of quote that gives you the warmth and inspiration of an avalanche of two-by-fours coming directly at your head.  You’re not a person.  You’re a lowly dispicable creature, and I don’t care about your heart, only that you follow these formulas so that I can gain an extra jewel of evangelization in my heavenly crown one day.

And then that reminded me of the last Respect Life meeting I went to.  I referred to that meeting in a previous post, but I thought about it more this morning, and had further thought… why would I NOT want to sit amongst those who have the same passion as I do, even every week, instead of every month?  Why does the group not grow?  Why do people either drop like flies or linger until their health and age force them to stop going?  Where are the youth?  Especially when we love, I mean LOVE the director who has been so faithful and wonderful for all these years?  And I am talking about this sentiment unbiased and leaving out the fact that Mrs. Huggles is the secretary  😉

Well, in my humble opinion, the answer is because it’s mostly activism with little prayer.  And even more: Pride.  We’re right, they’re wrong.  It’s an ‘issue’, and we must stop it.  It’s a drive.  And those of us who have fought the battle together for years, we are nothing more than fellow strangers who supposedly need to also fulfil our duty in this thankless battle, regardless of what we are going through in our personal lives and vocations.  To be honest, no one really cares much if you show up or if you don’t (a condition in many Catholic churches, unfortunately, which hasn’t borne the best fruit.)  I am grateful to be at a parish with people who DO care and who will pick something up if you drop it, or hold your baby while you are struggling, instead of a nasty glare because you are disturbing their prayer time.  But these little country churches are as rare as the ‘love your neighbor because you love God’ thing.  But I digress…

When we meet about saving lives, or pray together, do we approach each other and Our Lord with true humility?  Why do we race through an “Our Father” and ‘get down to business’ in a cold political fashion?  Or is the time for some activist groups coming to a new and different era because this type of ‘fighting’ is futile?  Why don’t we realize this truth, as shared by the 40 Days for Life campaign this morning (in my opinion, the group bearing the most fruit for life):
“For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but
against principalities, against powers, against the
rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual
hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.

Therefore, take up the whole armor of God, that you
may be able to withstand in the evil day and having
done all, to stand.”

– Ephesians 6:12-13

We are fighting principalities!  And so when we show up at some meeting (or even church) with unforgiveness or pride or hate or annoyance in our hearts, we think the enemy can’t see that?  He’s laughing all the way to the bank!

I implore all of us… before we stand holding a sign, or sit at a meeting where we are annoyed with one another, or secretly in our hearts thinking that someone else in the group has some other agenda, or refuse to reconcile with our neighbor, or believe we are God’s gift to the unborn and no one can do this except for me, to examine our hearts.  How are we a unified team, church, or organization?  How do we love one another first, so that then we can love the mother and father in crisis, and then love the precious little baby?

We won’t win this with pride, people!!  If you think your church is superior, or your way of worship is superior, or that you are superior because YOU didn’t have that abortion or YOU aren’t gay or YOU go to church on Sundays… IT WON’T WORK!!!  If we have these attitudes, we are but clanging gongs, as St. Paul says.  And for the record, I am not pointing fingers because I have been guilty of just as much pride as everyone else.

Only I see it now, because of the amazing lessons I have learned over the last year, or the last more-than-30 years ;).

I commend the few truly humble people that are part of the Respect Life Committee and other pro-life groups.  If you notice, I’m not humble enough yet to even be there.  If I were, I would ‘offer up’ that someone there hates me with a vengeance for no apparent reason.  I commend the Non-Catholic Christians, the few faithful ones who stand out at Planned Parenthood and pray.  I find it ironic and beautiful that lives are being saved so obviously by your prayers and humility.  And 40 Days for Life… an ecumenical group… is bearing SO MUCH fruit.   The same goes for Life Network in Colorado Springs.

Catholics, take note.  As long as we are a ‘divided house’ with each other, and with other Christians, we will not be open channels for the Lord to work through us.  We will be going through motions, fruitless motions, and when the battle intensifies (as it surely will… newsflash, it took a war to end slavery), we will either be too weak, or we will be forced to drop our pride and beg for mercy.

The enemy has already lost this battle, really, outside of time.  But while we are still in time, superiority, AKA pride, is HIS tool, not God’s.

It is a possibility that some of us, in order to be humble, need to simply be fulfilling our vocation at our home, with our children and spouse, much as we want to go fight (I am a fighter), or that we need to retire and give our little job to someone with more energy and vigor… sometimes we need to step aside and let ourselves be replaced, which is a very difficult and humbling thing to do.

Or maybe we need to listen to new ideas.  There’s a whole new generation ready to fight, and they bring freshness and youth with them.  If our organization is not open to new ideas and new innovations (like abortion industries are), then I would say, maybe it’s not the best place to be.  Maybe the Lord has a new fresh idea for you… let us listen to HIM!!! (Not, well, we’ve been doing this for 50 years so we have to keep doing it, and I don’t want your opinion because I am right, darn it, and you are too young and don’t know anything.)

As far as we at LifeVictorious are concerned, please keep in touch, as we DO have new ideas.  And after the election, we will begin sharing them… Stay tuned 😉

For life!

…and love,


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