A Wedding to Remember…

I love weddings…

I truly feel as if I am in heaven, surrounded by loved ones, and celebrating a life-long commitment of love.  And when I ever get around to my love story (belly laugh, time-wise), you will see as any of us who have been married for awhile that love deepens, through the joys, but also through the hardships.

But enough about me…

My sister is my closest friend besides my hubby and my mother.  She has comforted me in my own vocation and many trials, even in childhood.  She poured herself out… but not just for me… for everyone.

And so it is no surprise that the day after her wedding I found myself grieving in an odd way.  I was overjoyed for her and her beloved groom (who I am honored to have as my new bro-in-law.)  But I was also grieving that a part of me needed to change.  She belongs to him now… and this is glorious… but a change for myself which I needed to embrace.

Of course I embraced this… but my body and psyche needed to catch up (as usual.)  And so I spent the Sunday after her wedding rather quiet and meditative (extremely rare for me) and cried off and on.  But not for sadness… for something that is a testimony to just how much she gave to all of us, constantly, generously, without price.

I don’t imagine she or her groom will stop giving, in fact, I am sure it will grow even more.  I am amazed at them…

Their wedding was one of humility.  Elegant, but not so many bells and whistles that someone will have to pay it off for 50 years.  It was not about glamour.  It was about beauty, both inside and out, and the joining of two people who know about deep love.  Not the gushy kind that is here today and gone tomorrow.  But the kind that can endure both joys and hardships, testing, and patience.

And so here they are… even more beautiful after saying their vows, even though the little Shal sister (even though I am the older sister, but she was always far more mature) needed to step aside as we make room for two sisters who’s love will deepen in a different way now… both of us sharing the same vocation.

And so, without further ado, I wish my deepest congratulations  and love to Amanda and Ryan Allen, a couple who gives me profound inspiraton and joy!

Here are some photos for your enjoyment!

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2 thoughts on “A Wedding to Remember…

  1. There are no words… this is precious beyond price…
    Congratulations Amanda and Ryan! Congratulations too Shalimamma…
    You were lovely as was Maryanna… gorgeous even!

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