When I’m Not Blogging, I’m Living… Right?

If you want to feel inadequate, check out blogs and Facebook pages.

I know I do, especially given my competitive nature that I work hard to squash when appropriate.

Let’s start with home school blogs.  Millions of links to curricula, a gorgeous picture of an organized (clean) school room, ads depicting something like “Top Mommy Blogs” and “2002 Winner of a huge gold trophy for conquering the internet” and “amazon kindle”.  Photos that look professional (that I know took the mother a LONG time to edit, or at least bathe the children so that their fingernails weren’t black and their hair was perfectly curly and the less-than-perfect background was strategically faded.)  Pictures of children deep in study with an abacus and globe and wall-sized map in the background (strategically NOT faded)…

And then there’s the “spiritual” blogs.  Tons of huge families with a picture of each kid on the sidebar with a biblical name, or smaller families with kids who have trendy names and soccer outfits… With an icon as a header and some saint quote that none of us can really live up to if we give up our antidepressants.  Stories of apparitions and spiritual positive quotes and saint devotions on the side bar.

Am I right?

I am not talking about the occasional outlet for sharing thoughts and family photos.  I am talking about the ones who have seemed to make this a living.  Perhaps all that sounds bitter.  It’s not… I actually find it hilarious.

I find it hilarious because I have been guilty of the same thing.

Hours and hours of blogging and facebooking and feeling that warm and fuzzy when I noticed hundreds of people all over the world reading my blog in one day, and tens of thousands of unique users who have visited.  A thumbs-up here, a ‘like’ there… and I felt I had a life.

And then, I “had” to stop all of it because fires happened in Colorado Springs and we wanted to open our home to anyone who needed a place to stay, and my sister got married and we wanted to be fully engaged in her beautiful wedding, and then my brother and amazing family is in town and I want to spend every possible moment with them, and there are friends I want to visit or have over before the school year starts, and… and…

And then it occurred to me.

This is a good sign.

It means I am LIVING.  Not that I am neglecting my blog.  What matters most of all is that we are here for each other, and that when we have a spare moment, or a need to share something deep in our hearts (or even not-so-deep), that we can have the blessing of the blogosphere to communicate it.

In the end?  It doesn’t matter how many “followers” or “likes” you have.  What matters is that we are touching each other’s lives, and we move where the Spirit is leading us at any given moment… and most of all, that even if we can work in a blog posting, that we are ‘blooming where we are planted’ in personal relationships… with God and our neighbor.

And now I must stop this posting… because my son just walked in with a box on his head, with three holes for his eyes and nose, and an angry face drawn on it.  I need to stop typing so that I can laugh… fully laugh.

Enjoy your day today, especially the silly details, and kudos to you if you’re like me and haven’t posted all those photos or had the time to write a mini discertation because you are LIVING life right where you are… *LIKE!*  😉 !!

Love and blessings,



3 thoughts on “When I’m Not Blogging, I’m Living… Right?

  1. Thanks for this inspiring, truly inspirational post on Monday morning. We decided this summer to truly live the dream, relax and enjoy each and every thing, people and over all take it easy. First was to work on Bills bucket list, two very important items to go to the Ikea store and to Costco! I know, Really! Well,here it is almost the end of summer and we still have Costco on the list!! Someday!! All that really matters is relationships. First and foremost with god and them family and friends. People blog a lot about what they want others to think is going on in their perfect world and well maybe it is but probably not so take it for what it is, a story which can be fact or fictional! Depending on the day, I either get lost in their perfect world or not. Mostly not, but it can be fun for a little while!! Shal, keep on keepin on blogging and doing the best you can each day. If today’s not good hopefully we will wake up to a better tomorrow and get another chance. With that said, the grandkids are up and singing for their breakfast!! Not!


  2. OMG Shal! You made me snort my coffee out of my nose! Here I was, just venting my frustration at having to be the queen of juggling and then I get to see your post! THANK YOU, LORD for showing me that I’m NOT ALONE! Plus, I ❤ LOVE ❤ this, "With an icon as a header and some saint quote that none of us can really live up to if we give up our antidepressants."


  3. LOL!!! Do you realize that you have assuaged my guilt about not posting more regularly! I am reading this after coming home from a two day camp out, my exhausted husband in bed and the house blessedly quiet… for a moment.
    Here’s to the real woman’s blog by a real mom who is not afraid to be who she is and to open up what the rest of us really need to share!


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