Fires, Weddings, and Family, Oh My!

Well, howdy, there!  Long time no talk!

Truth be told, the amount of things packed into the last several weeks prevented me from visiting cyber-space… so it probably seems like I fell off the face of the earth… actually, I feel like I HAVE been on another planet!  But I suppose it’s a good thing when life is so full and abundant that we are living it rather than surfing the net for hours on end… right?  Still, I miss you 😉

Anyhoo 😉 thankfully the fires in Colorado Springs have been put out, Vacation Bible School ended, the car engine was fixed, the wedding was BEAUTIFUL, and my wonderful family visiting from Germany is still in town… (our suitcases, however, are still unpacked.  A week later.  Oh well.)  Soooooo….. while I am enjoying my family and trying to clear a path from the front door into the house, I hope to snag a moment tomorrow to write and at the very least add some GORGEOUS pictures from the most beautiful wedding of my most beautiful sister and dashing bro-in-law.

Til then, see you on the other side of these laundry piles!



8 thoughts on “Fires, Weddings, and Family, Oh My!

  1. Yes, I would love to see those pictures of Mandi. Tell her congrats for me! I still remember her beautiful voice.


    1. Annette! How wonderful to see you on here! Yes, my sis is so beautiful both in voice, as well as inside and out! She was such a gorgeous bride…


  2. Dear Shalimamma~I’ve been praying for you because of the fires. And I feared for your whereabouts. “Fell off the face of the earth”, well, not THAT fearful. 😉 But as they say: no news, etc. And it turns out you DO have good news. 🙂 Take your time, my lady…just glad to know you’ll be back and that all is well.


  3. Ha ha – been sending all sorts of warm fuzzies your way as well. Glad to hear things are well, just psychotically busy.

    Can’t wait to see wedding pictures. I LOVE wedding pictures!!!



    1. Thank you, Gina! You are a much more faithful blogger than I am… I need to check out your webcorner, girl! 😉 Love and hugs to you…


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