A Horrific Dream…

Happy Monday morning!

I had a dream last night… I’m not one to usually go too much into dreams or my greatest passion for life (within the womb, and without)…mainly because most of my dreams have to do with hormone fluctuations, my brain working through healings, or my fear that I will certainly forget my shoes at my sister’s upcoming wedding (I’m telling you, I am having weird wedding dreams lately!)

And as far as the life issue, I hate thinking about it… I mean I HATE it.  I hate that so many people around the world have become callussed to the fact that babies, yes BABIES, are killed every day, every hour, every minute, legally, and brutally.  It’s almost like everyone is tired of that news story.  It’s ‘yesterday’s news’… it’s ‘already accepted’ (despite so many mothers now who grieve the loss of their children unborn).  I wonder if the recent news story about the Chinese woman who’s baby was forcibly aborted at 7 months even bothered anyone.  Are we not all still shopping at Walmart?  Do we see the story and just click delete or switch websites because it is too horrific to absorb?

I know I have a difficult time facing this… ahem… inconvenient truth.  But there’s something worse to me.

The fact that so many people just don’t care.

And the ones who do are often burnt out, freakish, ineffective, and baffled.  I’ll stick myself in that category, emphasis on the burnt out 😉

But back to my dream…

It may have been inspired by the news story I mentioned, which has an unthinkable honesty to it.  I know I would rather not see the truth in this case.  But it is there, like the Holocaust was there.  My heart goes out to all the people of China, with exception to their tyrranical government.

In my dream, I was at a casual donut shop.  The tables were all full, and we were all just, you know, eating donuts.  Nothing exciting.  I happened to glance to my left and saw a table with a lady and her friend, also eating donuts and chatting.

Next to her donuts, she had her aborted baby laying on the table.

I am unable to describe exactly what my brain conjured up in this dream because it is too horrible as far as the image.  I don’t even know where I got this image… but let’s just say that this baby had been old enough to ‘require a partial birth abortion’.

In my dream, I walked up to the table, almost entranced, and touched the baby.

The baby was cold.

That detail struck me the most in the dream… the coldness, the lifelessness.

I asked the young lady why she had brought her baby to the donut shop.  She said she hated the baby and wanted to show it off and that she helped kill her.   The mother was happy and proud but wouldn’t look me in the eye.

I didn’t tell her off, and I simply listened to her.  For some reason, I didn’t have any anger towards her, but rather was simply baffled that she would want to show off in this fashion.

What I was angry about was that no one else in the donut shop cared.  Everyone else kept eating their donuts, sipping their coffee, and not noticing anything different.  I wanted to scream “does anybody care??!!!”

When I woke up this morning, I had that same feeling.  Does anybody care???!!!

I do.

And so do others, although there are few of us willing to step out there and courageously take on this beast.

Of course, many of us will stay in our comfort zones and ‘pray to end abortion’, which is the necessary foundation for any good action: prayer.  But it can’t stop there.

We must ask, what can I DO to end abortion?  Who can I call?  Who can I comfort (who may have had an abortion)?  How can I volunteer?

Can I be a voice for the little baby???  For the mother who is at the end of her rope and doesn’t feel she can carry her baby to term?

DOING something may require sacrifice… in fact, it will.  It will involved getting out of our comfort zones and caring for more than our own little bubble…

I want to encourage you to keep fighting the good fight if you already are, or to jump in the battle if you are not in it yet.  The reality is that when good people do nothing, evil prevails.  I know we are all concerned about the economy and surviving in our own little situations.  Of course.

But perhaps if we look outside of our situation, we will see that there is an endangered ‘species’ or rather, generation of people who have a much graver concern than the electric bill (even though the electric bill is important).

Will you join me in being a voice for the baby in the “Who Cares Donut Shop”?



UPDATE:  As I was about to publish this and reread it, I suddenly realized the real reason I had this dream, and who the people symbolized.  I highly recommend writing down your dreams if you sense that they are significant (or if they bother you throughout the day) as you can gain insight into your own healings and growth… not that I am trying to be froofy or anything… sorry for the intense subject right at the beginning of the week!  But I have always promised you that I would ‘keep it real’ 😉



2 thoughts on “A Horrific Dream…

  1. Are we so oversaturated I wonder, with all the bad news the evil and the horrors that we would need something like this dream to wake us to the reality? Oh Mamma, how could they… Can we ever do enough… Holding a sign praying at a rally fasting for life…. raising our families and reaching out at every opportunity… is it ever enough….I feel the rage, the shame the horror every time I hear or see something in the news that perpetuates this gen(eration)ocide. How best to destroy the Church, destroy humanity? Evil attacks the woman. It undermines the family and seeks to destroy the bonds of Parent and child. Oh…

    Your dream, I could see the reality that drove the images in your head, I can see this around me, the Who Cares Donut shop.

    I have had dreams like this before… I think I told you about the one before my Grandpa died right? Yes, there is meaning to the dreamer personally, but there is a touch of a lesson that is meaningful to all concerned, for all of us. Could it have been put forth more eloquently than this dream, I think not.

    I hope you are ok. These dreams shake me to my core when I have them… I meditate on them for days.


  2. Yup – vivid indeed. No wonder it stuck around with you.

    I honestly have no words because you summed everything up exactly as I would. We live in a messed up world, don’t we? *Shakes head*

    Worst part? When we wake up, the nightmare is still playing.


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