Tornado Warnings and The Feast of Corpus Christi

Lately, we’ve been used to fluffy popcorn clouds, the occasional spring rain with 3 strikes of lightening, or dry hot days…

But that’s not what we got Thursday night.

Living on the Eastern Plains of Colorado, we’ve grown to respect the weather more, especially during blizzard season.   However, the storms of last week surprised everyone in southern Colorado with unusual phenomena like ‘rain-wrapped tornadoes’ and all different sized hail at the same time.  I’m not one to talk much about the weather, but this storm reminded me of God’s majesty… and our need for Him in our powerlessness.

I took the above picture from our front deck.  I was mesmerized, as were the kids.  We had already received the reverse 911 call to take cover immediately.  But I couldn’t take my eyes off this, and took picture after picture… until a funnel started forming in our driveway.  As we started to feel the dirt sharply swirling around us, all of a sudden my motherly instincts kicked in and I shouted, “OK!  Everyone in!  Everyone in!  Basement!  Basement!”

We ran to the basement in Wizard of Oz style, not looking back… no diapers, no prescriptions, no gathering of anything… because I didn’t care about anything but our lives.  We huddled down there (and waited for my hubby to get home, even though I was hoping he wasn’t driving in this) and waited as there was a period of deafening silence, like a breezeless spring day… and then BOOM BOOM BOOM!!!!  The golf-ball sized hail started banging our house – sideways – and we all started praying.

As it turns out, there were 6 tornadoes that touched down around us… just north of us, just east of us, and just south of us.  We were literally surrounded by the funnels, and many people out here had smashed windows, destroyed homes, ripped off roofs, and a couple of injuries, with people running from home to home looking for someone with a basement.

But the next morning as we emerged from the basement, we discovered that our property, as well as our livestock, were left unharmed, except for hail damage to our tan van, and a smashed in window on the blue van that you can see in the picture above.

We were blessed.

What struck me about this storm, besides all the tornado stories everyone told at our local country church last night, was the way it was a huge rotating circle of a storm.  A storm capable of destroying much more than it actually did… A storm that showed us what it could do if it wanted to, giving us a tiny glimpse of its power… but it, well, had mercy on us.

Last night, as we celebrated the Feast of Corpus Christi (Body of Christ), and as I was looking at the monstrance (the round gold sunburst object that holds the communion host), I was thinking about the circle of majesty.  It looks so harmless, and even takes much faith to believe it is anything other than a white circle within a gold container.   If He is God, and in the host, why doesn’t He swoop down and destroy all our enemies and rid the world of evil?  Where’s the power, the majesty?

That’s what was going on in my mind during the procession… and then it occurred to me.  He is a storm of love and mercy, but it is His mercy that keeps Him so small and accessible, so humble and barely noticeable.   It is His love that causes Him to give His body to us, we who are dirty creatures full of sin, we who are ungrateful and lukewarm, we who continue to slander others and withhold our forgiveness and focus only on ourselves.  There He is, giving Himself to us day after day… when He is capable of much more than a football field-sized tornado… He, who made heaven and earth, and can destroy it all in an instant.  Can we respond with anything other than our loyalty and love to Him unto death?  Can I do anything but offer my pathetic heart to Him in hopes that He can use me for his best will and purpose for my life?

What is glorious and the cause of eternal gratitude is that He is good.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t be here writing this post.  😉

Grateful to be here, and that you are here reading this,



4 thoughts on “Tornado Warnings and The Feast of Corpus Christi

  1. Shalimar…SOO thankful you are all doing well & are safe! I’ve been hearing some of the stories on the news as to all that is going on in Colorado & been praying for all my dear friends along the Front Range. May God Be With all of you & continue to protect you! We heard a total of 10 tornadoes hit in 2 days, 3 ft of hail & now even heat & wildfires! You know I was one who spoke about the weather constantly when there as it was very difficult where we lived in Windy Hills, so know that you are all in my constant prayers for your well being.

    I don’t know if you had gotten my previous emails to you, or if your email addy has changed, but we are now nearly settled here in Texas & LOVING it here. The weather & the people are simply a blessing for us! Old bones doing good in the heat! LOL! I’ve started a new blog & so has Jessica! I’m a little slower than she is on getting it going but at least you can see where we live now & I’ll try to get more things posted in the next 2wks as we continue to make progress.

    You are a real sweet heart & am so thankful that you emailed this to me as I was concerned since I hadn’t heard from you as to if all y’all were safe! Praise God for the beauty of His storms and most especially for the safety of His people! Hugs! Elvira

    Oh! Here is my blog if you’d like to follow along & see what all we are up to these days…still basically moving in. But, this has been a God move for us…He was very active in all that was happening!


    1. Hi Elvira!! So wonderful to hear from you… I haven’t received any emails from you… bummer! My email is shalimammaatgmaildotcom…

      Love and hugs,
      Shalimamma 😉


  2. I am so glad you are safe and sound and that your property came through basically unscathed. It was one hell of a night but the most beautiful and amazing thing I have seen in years… I am a thunder-baby, I love the violent thunderstorms for the same reason you mentioned. They are powerful and remind me that God is Great, so Great yet he cares for us like he cares for the sparrow…. I have to admit though, the other reason I love this time of year and the storms is it is still one thing that human beings haven’t been able to conquer. There is power beyond our understanding… this is a consolation to me, I don’t have to be strong, or know all the answers… I can trust and that is enough.

    I will say though, I shed some tears for my poor pansies, and my tomato sticks, (previously lush healthy plants just past budding and bearing the first greem tomatoes) grrrr… At least it was early enough in the season I can replant and start over.

    Awesome shot of the storm! Cloud formations can really be something.

    Love always


  3. Wow, Shal. I am sooo sorry that I didn’t get a chance to read your post before I came out on Sunday! I am so incredibly thankful that you all were blessed by God and spared from the storm. You are such a blessing to us!


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