To the Beautiful Youth that Give Me Hope: Thank you!

I am still grinning.

No, I didn’t win the lottery or get my house clean.

But I did find the Fountain of Youth.

Really, you ask?  Really?

Yes!!  They are the young, vibrant, joyful, hopeful youth, both children and teens who were a literal fountain of beauty on Saturday at the Walk for Life.

We recently launched “Soaps for Life”, our fundraising effort to donate 100% of our proceeds from our baby feet soaps (handmade goat milk soap from our ranch) to the local Mobile Pregnancy Center, which will offer free ultrasounds and counselling to women who need their services.  I had been struggling with my desire to ‘do something’ (on top of bearing a bunch of precious littles myself) to help in some way with all the wonderful efforts of the local groups that promote and pray for the sanctity of life to prevail in Colorado Springs.  I have been involved in these types of efforts since I was 15, as this is an unquenchable passion deep in my heart.  Quite simply, I love babies, born and preborn, as well as their mothers who are carrying them, and I long for them all to experience the newborn gaze of their baby into their eyes, even though they may feel terrified at the thought of carrying their baby to term.  (Confession: pro-life shalimamma has had this feeling before.)

So what to do?

God had the answer… on one of the worst days of my life.  Many of you may have read a past post wherein I share about a day last November where I was the victim of severe and unexpected calumny (slander) against my family.  I don’t need to go into that because I am sooooo past that ;)… however, I do need to share part 2, the part of that day where God was ultimately victorious, and showed His mercy and love, almost instantly after that experience.

I have discovered that great things are often born out of humility, or more clearly, out of humiliation.  Bummer.  Because I am not exactly known for my immense humility… yikes.  I have done an awful lot of ‘activism’ for all sorts of things, especially for preborn children and their mothers (and fathers.)  However, maybe many of those efforts didn’t bear too much fruit because the soil of my planting had a touch too much pride in it, causing a shoot to grow, but then wither, and for me to become too discouraged.

November 20, 2011, was one of the most humiliating days of my life.  It seemed like hell and absolutely fruitless, and like a big huge F on a report card… a big failure.  And God used it.  After the incident, I met my family and some friends at a local restaurant, and there happened to be an extraordinary lady there with her friend.  In their humility I bet both of them would say “oh, stop!”  But truly?  They are humble.  And they do God’s work in pro-life efforts quietly in the background.  They are bearing much fruit, but not for themselves or so that they will be complimented and recognized.  These are the types of efforts, and people, that I believe God has a much easier time working through, because they don’t block Him so much with their pride.

My dear friend casually gave me the idea for baby feet soaps to give to mothers who were struggling, as well as a fundraiser idea for other life-saving efforts.

I walked away that day with joy.  This idea wasn’t mine.  But I was as open as ever, and feeling as humble as ever, almost useless to humanity on that day, and that’s when God swooped in.

The idea is simple, yet brilliant… for struggling mothers, the smell of fresh baby powder reminds them of the reality of their sweet baby (which is hard to realize when one is in crisis), but the sense of smell is actually the sense that produces the most powerful memories in the brain.  As a fundraiser, people can pamper themselves with luxurious soap while 100% of the proceeds go to ministries that save lives in more ways than one: the baby, the mother… and the introduction to a life of faith in a God Who loves them unconditionally.

I can do this little effort for life from my home, in my kitchen, and our family can help.

And so I made as many of these little soaps as I could… and then was overwhelmed at the thought of wrapping all of them as I was running out of time.  What was I going to do?

That is when the same friend ‘appeared’ at a meeting and offered to ask a group of girls to voluntarily wrap them… And they did a spectacular job, exceeding my expectations by far!

I was blessed to meet them at the Walk for Life, where we captured a picture of most of the helpers.  They are beautiful, inside and out, and are champions for their generation of children who are endangered by abortion.  Often times, we adults can be rather pessimistic with ministries as we feel we have ‘been there done that’ and have a few (or more) failures under our belt.  What I love about the youth is that they are fresh and ready to take on the world.  We need them… we need their energy…

And so, Challenge girls, and Stephanie, Michelle, Erin, and any other leaders I am not aware of who helped the girls, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  You have been a blessing, and you continue to be a blessing to all you meet… Keep up the good work!!!

Love and blessings,


2 thoughts on “To the Beautiful Youth that Give Me Hope: Thank you!

  1. Awwww- what an incredible backstory! Well, I guess technically half backstory since I’m not privvy to Part I, but still. Ha ha ha.

    It doesn’t matter that the idea wasn’t “yours.” What matters is you are the one who nurtured that seed to the flowering, fruitful plant it now is. And no doubt this will continue to grow and spread, bearing even more fruit.

    What a blessing this venture is. I cannot express how much I love this! You have my prayers, dear. So does the darling youth. What vibrant, beautiful witnesses!


  2. Hi Gina!!! Thank you so much! I always love hearing from you 😉 Part 1 is found in my ‘cult-like…etc etc’ story if you ever want to find it… You make such a beautiful point, that it doesn’t matter whose idea a good word was, what matters is that we nurture it. You, too, are a beautiful witness of faithfulness, and I need to check out your blog! I have been so crazy usy this week (what happened to the ‘relaxed summer’ thing? LOL!! I miss you!



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