The Ever Elusive “Getting it All Done”

Repeat after me:


That’s on a good day, like today.

I supposed I have been ‘gifted’ with this urgent feeling that I must accomplish everything on my phantom written-in-stone list.  I just, for once, want to FINISH my work.  I long for this… I grasp in the air for it… I lay awake pining for it…

Am I crazy?????  Or did a child just dump (by accident) that newly folded towering stack of clean laundry on the floor?  Did another child just track in mud onto the (ridiculously white and not the color we would have chosen) tile in the kitchen that had JUST been mopped and bleached?  Why are there never ending scraps of paper from my artist child who’s been reminded over and over again to PLEASE sweep up all the scraps and PLEASE don’t leave out the (permanent, non-permanent, washable, non-washable) coloring utensils where the littles can get them and draw on the wooden staircase?  And I’m not going to bring up the legos.

AAAGGHHH!!  (And this is all with having rules ‘established’ about where everything goes, etc etc…)

But I seem to be the only one frustrated around here.  My children’s toothy grins seem to meet my eyes every time I discover the mess.  And I sigh and keep going, often times redoing something I’ve done over and over again…

I get the feeling I am ‘reaping thistles.’  You know, like that whole Genesis curse thing:  “Cursed is the ground because of you; through painful toil you will eat of it all the days of your life.  It will produce thorns and thistles for you, and you will eat the plants of the field.”  I work and work… but many times it comes up as thistles, or even worse, a ground tiller that completely undoes it all…

And I get the other curse, too… the one for Eve.  (But I digress…)

Is this fair?

And so, I suppose I always try to ‘defeat’ the curse, to try to make heaven on earth where everything is done and I can relax and do nothing.  But something occurred to me today…

My work isn’t done because I am still alive.

You know the famous prayer “Rest in peace”?  RIP?

REST.  In peace. Only then, when I’m no longer on this earth, will I truly be able to rest.  And to be honest, that puts the yogurt spill on the floor in perspective.

I’m happy to be alive… and I’m happy my thistle planting children are full of life and joy…  I’ll take them any day over a thistle-less garden.

So I guess I better get back to work!

(Thistle pie, anyone?)






10 thoughts on “The Ever Elusive “Getting it All Done”

    1. Maybe so, Krys, but if you have given up on yogurt spills, then you have used the time to remain absolutely gorgeous, apply makeup, and do your hair. That’s where I have fallen short! Lol!!! 😉


      1. LOL, Shal, you are too sweet. I’ll have to tell my hubby that the pony tail & too tired look are really doing my hair & make up! 😀


  1. Yeah, can you serve me up a slice? Or two? I’ll help with the dishes, honest! Oh, wait. THAT was a teen voice “channeling” through me…errr, in my head I mean. 😉 By the way, yogurt (and certain other) spills are the REAL reason God created housepets…


    1. Mazsamem! What a joy to find you here in my little corner 😉 I would be in HEAVEN if you came over for any reason, dishes or otherwise. You are totally right about housepets. We have a beloved house-broken Great Pyrenees that used to ‘clean up the floors’ for us…. but alas, he ended up shedding enough fur to not make it worth it to keep him in to many hours of the day. Plus he is the size of 5 of my kids, and our house seems to not be able to accomodate some’one’ so HUGE. But maye he is a precurser to what it will be like having 4 hge oys around here once they pass puberty. Uh oh. 😉 Love and hugs 😉


      1. I did see your photos of the G.P. pups. They’re adorable! But then, would such a lovely lady have anything OTHER than a breed beginning with the word Great? 🙂 And thank you for the warm welcome to your “little corner”. I find it a comfortable place to drop in, b-r-e-a-t-h-e, and leave feeling touched (blessed) by joy. I’m still giggling over your reply to Hiland, about having a vacuum on display. 🙂 I’m considering the possible artistic merit of framing various dust rags to be offered for purchase on e-bay. 😉


  2. Nice to know that I am not alone.. that we all share the same frustrations!!!
    I don’t think it really matters how many kids you have 1, 2 or 12 messes and undone tasks are a part of life… I still admire you as I don’t know how you manage to home school, farm and raise all your littles and still look so lovely everytime I see you! (you are clearly one of my heroes.)

    Thank you for the Eternal perspective on the mundane of day to day life…

    No-ho, we are not done yet, not by a long shot.

    I am on my way to deal with the aftermath of a clogged shower drain and a studio that hasn’t seen the business end of a vacuum or dust rag in months (I might want to clear some space to work in eventually 😉 Oh, and there’s the laundry piled up on my side of the bed Tee hee… life goes on.

    Take care my friend.


    1. Hiland, excuse me, but every time I have seen you, you appeared gorgeous (inside and out!). So you are MY hero! I chuckled at ‘business end of the vacuum’… I don’t think my house knows what that is! Lol! Although, we do have a vacuum on display. 😉

      On another note, I agree with you on the number of littles not mattering in the ways of mess. I find that it’s usually one or two particular littles who seem to have ‘messy’ in their middle names, while the others seem rather normal or neat… And many times, it’s not my littles at all. It could be my hubby.

      I said that to see if he logs in here. 😉

      Love you 😉


  3. Thank you! This is exactly how I am feeling today (and almost every day). The house was ‘perfect’ yesterday for a realtor to see & today it looks as if I left my children home alone to do as they please. 🙂 Of course, they weren’t, but you know how it goes. Today we had out the Play-Doh, caterpillar tunnel, puzzles, wii dance games….love the rain.
    I, like you, am not ready to rest in peace…but a little rest in chaos would be welcomed. 😉


    1. Hi Christine! Wonderful to ‘see’ you here! 😉 Ah, the realtor thing… that is the WORST because of the stress of keeping a house ‘show ready’… eeeeek!!!!! Don’t you love the buyer who calls and says “I know you have a 24 prior to showing rule, but I happen to be in the neighborhood… can I see your house in 5 minutes from now?” LOL! Yes, I would LOVE a rest from the chaos…



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