Forgiveness Friday: I Forgive You, President Obama

Dear Mr. President,

I… oh dear, this is much tougher than I imagined it would be.  I don’t normally write about political things.  But I felt in this case, I simply had to.  I envisioned myself writing you a pious letter of how I am praying for you and how much I forgive you for our differences in opinion; and I envisioned having this pious, sweet, reserved, and holy somber look like the ones you see in paintings, complete with a well-posed beautiful hand on my keyboard.

But, I am fed up.  Yeah, that’s my real feeling.  So maybe I’ll be writing this letter more than once, especially as we approach elections.  And for the record, my hands never look like those paintings.

The real question is, am I fed up with you personally?  Or your political platform?  Or your political actions?  Or you, yourself?

What or who am I fed up with?

The truth is, it turns out that this letter isn’t about differences in opinion… republican, democrat, blah, blah blah, blah.  I don’t have to forgive people for what political party they are in.  I’m not even sure I am IN a political party anymore anyway.

I need to forgive you because I can’t figure out who you are.  Or if I have, the result is scary.

Usually leaders, good and bad ones, are pretty clear cut.  You know who they are, they have a strong presence, and you know what they stand for.  There are many examples.  I could list them, but their names are obvious because they made history.  You know, religious leaders like Jesus Christ, Ghandi, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther… Philosophers and Inventors… And even political leaders whose names stick in our heads: Stalin, Hitler, Ronald Reagan, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln…

I am not a history buff, so this is a VERY short list of influencial leaders.  Notice I didn’t include Al Gore on there.  That’s because I’m still laughing at… er… with him.

And being that you earned (?!) the Nobel Peace Prize I am sure you are much more of an expert in excellent leadership than I am… right?  (One can hope…)

I forgot to mention Martin Luther King, Jr.  No matter what political party we all belong to, I think we can all agree that he had great influence in America, and around the world.  Remember him?  You know, he’s the guy that openly preached that every one deserved the right to life and freedom, even those that others deemed ‘less than human’.  Hmmmm…. Perhaps if he hadn’t graced our land with his presence, might you have been a slave instead of our president?

Interesting… that Martin Luther King spoke about the right to life and liberty… FOR ALL.  I would wager that he was including little unborn black babies.  Good thing your mama chose life, right?

So what’s the deal with your confusing stance on life?  I’ll start with this most fundamental right, because you seem to be contradicting your own beliefs, and your own heritage (which I am a little shaky on, to be quite honest…)  Those mothers who are pregnant must register their ‘unborn child’ when they are touring the White House.  Really?  But it’s OK if any of those children are killed by abortion?  Which is it?  Are they alive and human or NOT?  Do people have to register their gall stones or tumors?

And America… why, WHY, do you bow to everyone around the world and continually sell us out?  Why do you claim to stand for ‘strong families’ but go this way and that way regarding what defines a family?  Why do you claim to want to encourage job creation, and yet vow to over-tax those that create jobs as well as the rest of us?  Why do you keep challenging and attempting to delete our very Constitution, which made our country GREAT?  Amendment #1… ring a bell?  Religious liberty?  Hello?

Where are you really from?  What do you really believe?

All the talk show hosts and authors and bloggers have pointed out volumes and volumes of such contradictions, so I won’t continue to list them, as I would fall extremely short, and a list of your problems is not the purpose of my letter.  I want to forgive you.  I want to forgive you because I believe you don’t even know your own identity, and are being used by powers-that-be behind the scenes.  It’s obvious.

And I feel sorry for you.

You inherited the leadership of an influential country during globally disastrous times.  You are perhaps trying your best to please everyone, and there are definitely some LOUD groups out there constantly fighting for your attention and approval.  Perhaps you have been seduced by the most intoxicating temptation of all… power.  And once a person has power within their grasp, it is unimaginably difficult to continue using it for good.  I don’t even know what I would you if I were in your shoes myself.

Which is why I can forgive you.

I forgive you on behalf of all believers in Truth everywhere… that you have put aside principal at the price of human life, millions of human lives.  I forgive you because you will have to explain your reasons to our Creator (there’s only one, by the way) for why you have made the choices you have made.  I forgive you because I can’t imagine the difficult and alluring position you are in, and that satan is relentless in his seduction of political leaders.

But God is more powerful.  Infinitely so.  And I pray that you come to know Him (for REAL) while you are still on this earth.

If you can become a man of principal, standing for truth and goodness (and Americanism) despite the immense forces against these things in the name of power and prestige, I don’t care what party you are in, you would have my vote.

But as it stands, a tree is known by its fruit.  I forgive you, Mr. President, and I beg God’s mercy upon you.

Sincerely as a true American,



3 thoughts on “Forgiveness Friday: I Forgive You, President Obama

  1. “You inherited the leadership of an influential country during globally disastrous times. You are perhaps trying your best to please everyone, and there are definitely some LOUD groups out there constantly fighting for your attention and approval.” I think that is a huge part of it – one can usually tell a strong leader when their actions / words match up with their values. There seems to be so much pandering going on (to secure votes…?) that We his People can’t see his character. And that itself is scary.


  2. Whoo-boy this one is loaded… you are far more gracious than I… far more.

    I don’t know where to direct the anger that stirs in my heart, our president? Is he a leader or just the fruit of the ideals we seem to be embracing as a nation… Who is he? I think think the question is morewho are “We the People”… does any one know any more? Our entire nation is suffering from an identity crisis because we are looking for validation everywhere but from Whom it comes. No one seems to have ears for the voice of Truth any more… we can’t see past our selves.

    Can we forgive ourselves for what we have become, for what we leave our children? God in His infinite Mercy certain can, will we have the courage to ask Him to?


  3. Ok. Originally, I read the title and shouted, “What the…!” Then I read your letter and began nodding, agreeing, and crying (just a scoch). This is great, Shal. This needed to be said and resaid and said to everyone who does not understand the contradictions confusing our country. I mean, how can it be legal to abort a baby, but it’s a double homicide if a pregnant woman is murdered (in some states, hopefully all soon)? How does this make sense at all? Why do I have to be circumspect and respect everyone else’s religious beliefs but nobody (even fellow “Catholics” sometimes) respect mine? Why are we giving weapons to known foreign terrorists but stopping our own responsible people from owning a gun (Chicago/ D.C.) or stopping innocent Canadians trying to go shopping in New York? These are not the values that my grandparents came over and stood in line at Ellis Island for. These are not the ideals that our family has fought for. These are not the values that I am raising my children to hold. You hit the nail on the head, Shal. We’ve lost our identity AS A COUNTRY AND CULTURE and the President, MAY GOD BLESS HIM, is just a symptom of the larger illness.


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