The Ever Elusive “Getting it All Done”

Repeat after me: AAAAAGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!! That's on a good day, like today. I supposed I have been 'gifted' with this urgent feeling that I must accomplish everything on my phantom written-in-stone list.  I just, for once, want to FINISH my work.  I long for this... I grasp in the air for it... I lay awake pining [...]

Return to Sender: Healing by “Draft Deleting”

"Dear Person I Used to Pour My Heart Out To, I really still care about you and think about you all the time... I know you have let go of our friendship and constantly ignore my offerings of love, but I just can't stand not reaching out to you... I mean, shouldn't I be loving [...]

Forgiveness Friday: I Forgive You, President Obama

Dear Mr. President, I... oh dear, this is much tougher than I imagined it would be.  I don't normally write about political things.  But I felt in this case, I simply had to.  I envisioned myself writing you a pious letter of how I am praying for you and how much I forgive you for [...]

Confessions of Someone Who Has Lost Their UPC Code…

Labels. Aren't they nice? I mean, growing up, I was very familiar with labels.  GAP and Guess were two labels that were important in the 80's, and your jeans needed labels (at least at the prep schools I went to) or you needed to accept your nerdhood. Well, most of the time I accepted nerdhood, [...]