My Broken Fiat… Faithfulness When Things Aren’t So “Squeaky Clean”

It’s not every day that I stumble upon another blogger or author who shares a similar outlook on life that I do.  I’m one of those people who is slightly crazy enough to air out my dirty laundry amidst millions of blogs where people have taken photography courses, have a gourmet well-balanced dinner in the oven, have successfully and joyfully homeschooled 17 children (who are clean and wearing new pressed clothes), have an immaculate house, have balanced the budget, kissed their honey as he walks in the door, said three rosaries, and are sipping a nice relaxing cup of tea before writing a blog post.

Me? When I (get to) write a blog post, I steal into my room when there is a pause in the chaos and no one is threatening to fight (for 5 minutes), dinner may be late, a kid may be missing clothes altogether (and the word “pressed” isn’t spoken in this house, mind you), and if I do take a picture, everything around the picture would shock you, but somehow I managed to adjust the “brightness” setting on my software so you don’t notice the mess in the background (or the unwiped spaghetti sauce on a little one’s face.)

Or I write the post at 3 in the morning while nursing because I can’t sleep anyway.

Anyway, I love when I stumble upon people who are REAL… not depressing, everything-is-horrible-and-there-is-no-hope type of people… but also not the everything-is-perfect type of person either… mainly because: neither of those sentiments are grounded in truth.  There are good days and bad days.  But not all are good, and not all are bad.  And I guess since we are all going through this cycle called “Life After the Fall”, why not admit it?  Who are we trying to kid, anyway?

So today, I was blessed to stumble upon a blogger I hadn’t heard of before… Her recent posting called “My Darkest Secret” earned her traffic she wasn’t expecting.  What I like about it was that it is not squeaky clean.  It is not one of those picture-perfect Catholic or Christian situations where both spouses are quoting scriptures on their way to the Family Christian Book Store with their two well-behaved children and Labrador dog in the back of the Suburban (complete with a Jesus fish symbol on the back of the vehicle.)  It is also not overly negative or in the least bit insulting to anyone.

It’s just real.

Sometimes, people’s real ‘story’ makes other people squirm.  They would rather see something comfortable and non-messy.

But that’s the problem with our society.  We want to hide the messiness.  We want to hide abortion, women in trouble, marriages in trouble (even good ones), women supressed in other countries (in religious situations that we are supposed to be ‘tolerant’ of), dirty neighborhoods, people who are trying but not living out the ‘perfect’ model of faith and charity… and more than anything, we want to hide our own imperfections.  We would rather be glazed-eyed on a website that is, well, perfect…

Sometimes I like to look at the ‘ideal’ so I can strive for being better… but I don’t stare too long at it, because then I become discontent and ungrateful with my own blessings.  A “life victorious”, to me, is about victory through the nitty-gritty of life, where there are bleach stains on our favorite shirt, we feel confused, having a faith crisis, and we are hurting, or, we are joyful and we are joking around…

I would like to thank Gina at MyBrokenFiat for sharing her very real struggle, which she is faithfully enduring, and I am hoping we can all join together and pray for her… she is praying for us, too, and I can tell even through cyberspace that she is a woman of faith, beauty, and a seeker of truth!  (I love how God works… ;))



One thought on “My Broken Fiat… Faithfulness When Things Aren’t So “Squeaky Clean”

  1. {hug}

    You are really too sweet. Thank you!

    I have to admit feeling rather inadequate when I see those “perfect” blogs, myself. But as you say, I always have a nagging suspicion that they’re simply keeping the nitty-gritty to themselves for the sake of image (which they’re obviously entitled to do).

    🙂 Blessings to you… even at 3am while nursing (no… ESPECIALLY at 3am while nursing). Ha ha!


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