Soaps, Goats, and Candles, Oh My!

My website ( or has needed to be updated for a LONG time…  I was embarrassed when people went to it and asked me about animals we no longer own, and soaps whose mold shapes we didn’t even have anymore because I melted them in the dishwasher (aka learning curve!)… as a natural sales person, this makes me cringe!

But alas, so much has gone on in life that I had to choose between, well a MILLION things, before taking a deep breath and attempting a little HTML code.  Plus, since I am in the middle of an accounting certification, my right brain (which is much more dominant) was feeling like it was going to explode… so updating a website?  I was afraid of pushing myself over the edge and purchasing thick-rimmed glasses and giving in to Star Trek DVDs.

But then hubby, in an amazing act of kindness and mercy, took ALL the kids (except for the baby) OUT of the house for a few hours.   Whoa.  It was quiet.  Very quiet.  So quiet in fact, that the echoes of people leaving messages on my voicemail about products we don’t have got louder in my conscience and I simply had to respond.

So I updated the website.  And actually, I had fun.  Uh oh…  Somebody stop me if I get TOO left brained and start talking about code or numbers.  Please change the subject to parties, jewelry, shoes, or art.  I MUST keep my personality intact 😉

So without further ado:  Please check out!!

We are encouraged because our business is growing, so I’m rolling with it…  We have some awesome friends that want to be part of the team, and soap requests pouring in, so I am feeling the momentum growing!

And when it REALLY takes off, we can hire a REAL web designer to write code.  😉



6 thoughts on “Soaps, Goats, and Candles, Oh My!

  1. Ted,
    You are amazing! I had so much fun looking at soap molds the other day! Thanks so much for taking time…I can’t wait til we can get start making soap favors for the wedding reception! I told another lady (whose daughter is getting married) that that’s what we’re doing and she seemed to like the idea, too.

    I love you, man! Forgive my bridal brain!


    1. John! I can’t wait, either! Hey, any excuse to talk to you on the phone 😉 I love your bridal brain. Just please forgive my baby brain…

      LOVE YA!!!!!!


    1. Gina, it’s one of my favorites! There is nothing like the smell of chrism oil on a baby’s head 😉 We came as close as we could with this soap… Would you like me to mail you a sample?


      1. I’ll do ya one better – I’m ordering a bar tomorrow. Shoot – that’s gotta be the most brilliant idea EVER.

        I always savor Baptisms for the smell of the chrism. To know I could get some as a special bonus at the end of a particularly dreadful day? Heaven!


  2. Oh man… you make candles, too? Any chance you’ve tossed the idea of chrism scented candles around in that brain of yours?

    I have no idea how any of it works (candle making), but the thought of burning some at my desk year round has me drooling slightly…


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