Random Update Because I Should Be Doing Laundry But Would Prefer to Be Sitting, Eating M&Ms, and Being on the Computer

Laundry AND dishes.


Anywho 😉 I just wanted to let you know that I came up with a neat idea to continue with my “Letters of Forgiveness” by having “Forgiveness Friday” each week here at Life Victorious…  That was pretty intense, writing those letters last week, and it was wonderful… and I got to thinking, while every day shouldn’t need to be a heavy forgiveness fest, we do run into things in our everyday lives that we constantly need to forgive.  Or something comes up in our memories…  So I thought once a week would be a good chance to publish something from you (or me) about forgiveness.  So if you have a letter you would like to write, please feel free to send it!  I am so inspired by what you write and comment!

And in goatie news… Amber the goat mama is still alive and trying to stand…  We are pampering her, but that’s about all we can do at this point because she had such a difficult birth experience.  So we are simply praying that she heals…  It’s not every day that I pray for an animal… There are so many prayers that need to be said for people!  But for some reason, I guess I feel whatever rises from your heart in prayer is pretty darned valid, because it’s the real you.  And God LOVES the real us 😉

Besides, sometimes I pray for the wash machine, that it keeps working.

There are also a couple other plans I have for this blog… (Please use the word “plan” loosely)… I am continuing to make soaps… somehow, God keeps plopping that on my lap, so I am rolling with it.   I’ll have more pictures, and more ideas… and actually it’s quite exciting!  So I will be keeping you up to date on our goat milk soaps from Victory Ranch.

I also plan to finish up the “Love Story” I started on here.  But I have to be in a good mood.  😉




2 thoughts on “Random Update Because I Should Be Doing Laundry But Would Prefer to Be Sitting, Eating M&Ms, and Being on the Computer

  1. Hi Mamma,

    Glad to hear Amber Goat Mamma is doing better.

    Praying over machines isn’t that strange.. I do it all the time… “Please please please Please keep working, just a little longer, I don’t have time for this!” (or money) 😉 Sometimes God listens, sometimes, machines are machines and well… we hit the laundramat for a couple weeks. (our dryer by the grace of God hung in there until tax return time..)

    Soap, did I hear Soap? BTW my offer still stands. Looking forward to purchasing, I was a little distracted last time I came out, I am going to have to make a special trip.

    Until they invent laundry that sorts and folds itself, I feel your pain!

    Take care Mamma.


  2. This remindes me of that old movie “And now for something totally different”… lol I loved it because I need to be eatin’ some M&Ms too! Thanks for crakin’ me up wabbit!


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