In Case You Feel Discouraged…

In today’s world, it is easy to get discouraged when we are embarking on a new adventure, or taking a risk, or even just in our daily lives.  But I stumbled upon this account of one of my favorite historical characters’ life that made me feel very encouraged… to perservere…  Stay on track!  If you have a dream, especially one deep within your heart, don’t stop until you have achieved it… God will supply the grace!  Enjoy…

(I’m sure you recognize who THIS is 😉



1. He had a difficult childhood

2. Less than one year of formal schooling

3. Failed in business at age 22

4. Defeated for legislature at 23

5. Failed again in business at 24

6. Elected to the legislature at 24

7. Fiancee died when he was 26

8. Defeated for speaker at 29

9. Defeated for electorate at 31

10. At 33 married a woman who became a burden not a help

11. Only one of four sons lived past age 18

12. Defeated for congress at 34

13. Elected to congress at 37

14. Defeated for congress at 39

15. Defeated for senate at 46

16. Defeated for vice president at 47

17. Defeated for senate at 49

18. Finally elected president


If Lincoln could do it, WE CAN, TOO!!!

Wishing you every encouragement in your endeavors 😉



3 thoughts on “In Case You Feel Discouraged…

  1. This feels like it was written for me… wow, I had no idea just how many road blocks this poor fellow had! I knew about his wife being difficult to love, I watched a whole 3 episodes of the documentary by Ken Burns on that one.. ouch. I didn’t know how many times he’d been defeated…. Thank you so much for this Shal, I really really needed to hear this today.
    Hugs and stuff
    Hiland Rose


  2. Ted, and you forgot to add that he was shawt. I love Lincoln. When were were at Holy Name, I used to look forward to meeting him in heaven. I love ya, man!


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