Breaking News: Wide Spread Epidemic infecting Americans at alarming rate

In light of the debate over the Freedom of Conscience act (seeing as the health care bill is being shoved down our throats regardless.)  I pose the following question to the public at large.
Is Parenthood a terminal illness?
I ask this because now, thanks to the actions of our current regime (administration isn’t a strong enough word.), we are going to be forced to pay for preventative treatments whether we want them or not. (Nothing is free folks, somebody’s payin’)  Our daughters are already recommended to be put on contraceptives by the end of their first periods along with that MMR booster and Tetanus shot.  Our sons are advised by their schools to use condoms and barrier methods for prevention of… well you know, along side the sports physicals they endure.  Doctors are looking at women like me with more than two kids asking us what we use for contraception… Doctors.  Yep. I’ll bet if we dial-up the  CDC or look at the most recent printings of the medical journals there’s got to be this big write-up re-defining parenthood and the process by which human beings are pro-created as “ Disease.”
So, if I follow the logic being forced past this little thing called the Bill of Rights, First Amendment etc,  Obama Care is making people like my pastor, my boss, the Catholic Charities and my hospital give people abortive drugs, contraception,  elective sterilization and elective abortion via doctor, for free.  They dub it “preventative” services.  I have also heard the buzz words, “Reproductive Care” (a more oxymoronic phrase, I have not heard.)
So what exactly are they saying?  Are we who choose life, who choose to conceive, birth and raise the next generation of tax payers, sick?  (Crazy? Maybe just a little, but Sick! Really!?)   I ask, not just for the “choir  preached to” who read this blog, but every one who is, was, or intends to be a parent, regardless of what you believe, or which side of the Choice issue you are on.  Your government just told you that Parenthood is a disease!
Here’s a brief description of the preventative medicine we are paying for:
Birth control pill- Prevents pregnancy, although, the hormones in it can be therapeutic for women who suffer from bizarre cycles and painful cysts.  (The exception, not the rule that.)
Abortive fail safe just in case prevention doesn’t work.
Diaphragm– Prevents implantation of baby after sperm meets egg… prevents what?  Pregnancy.  Therapeutic for what?  I haven’t heard of any medical disease currently treated by insertion of a diaphragm.   Healthy for women?  How exactly, is a device that is doomed to fail over time and can potentially cause scarring, perforation and infection of the uterus, healthy for a woman?
Condom-Umm… what does that do again, oh yes!  Enables free love, no responsibilities,  it kills two birds with one stone,  no pregnancy, no sexually transmitted diseases. (Awkward sex life, separation and despair due to life long hedonism and unfulfilled fantasies.  Nice trade-off there.)  Again though, what does this treat?  What condition does this prevent primarily?  Pregnancy.
Elective Sterilization- Medically known as Tubal Ligation- Prevents…. Pregnancy, umm that’s it, just pregnancy.  (I am not in any way referring to hysterectomy and  removal of ovaries due to medical diseases like cancer or tumors, women who are forced to make this choice go on to heal, but grieve for a time.)
Morning After Pill – Abortive, forces a period within 24-48 hours of ingestion, considered prevention of.. Pregnancy. (although in reality it is a termination not prevention of pregnancy)  It is part of the health care initiatives we all pay for now.   What does this treat exactly? Nothing medical.   It causes severe bleeding and possible hemorrhage… yup, sounds like health care to me.
RU486  and others like it  –  Stronger Abortive drugs designed to force the body to shed uterine lining, baby and all, up to 8 weeks of pregnancy, perhaps more as they get “better”  … Administered in two doses under supervision of abortionist and staff (did I forget to mention there should be a medical doctor present in the event something goes horribly wrong?)  Sounds like prevention just moved up a notch to termination or following HHS  logic, Chemo for the “disease” of pregnancy.
Surgical Elective Abortion – Needs no description.  It “treats”  only one thing, it prevents nothing, and horribly maims both mother and child, usually kills the child.
Again I ask, is Parenthood a terminal illness that requires so much preventative treatment?  Are we conceiving tumors that need removed, bits of cancerous flesh that need to be destroyed before they spread?  Are we harboring in our wombs, a viral mass that will break free and infect the rest of the population?  Are we, as those living what we believed to be the vocation of marriage, of parenthood that comes with it, disordered in our desire for healthy children and a healthy prosperous society?  Once we give birth, are we condemned to the long slow decay of  cancerous disease, only to die miserable and unwanted, like lepers in the streets?  Does our proudly smiling President, posing with wife and daughters, see himself as perpetuating the spread of a communicable disease, a plague?  The agenda of Planned Parenthood, theD.H.H.S., and W.H.O. does.
I ask you to behold the brave new (old) vision! That of silent churches, of restaurants where the only people around you are grey and wrinkled.   The streets once filled with laughter are silent, the only life visible, is stooped, pushing along a walker, or carrying a spoiled toy sized animal, starving for a smile, a giggle and shining eyes. I give you the silence of adults, only adults, absorbed in the day-to-day grind, glued to hand held devices, the only friends they need.
Now,  I give you the vision of the future as envisioned by the trinity of Molech,  Mammon and Ashtoreth, grand and glorious!  Old age is banished! Death and decay held at bay by cosmetic procedures from embryonic stem cells, by drugs, and over priced health supplements.  Strong hale men with big umm, you know,- running after toys, and success, consuming pornography, because the women they really want, are too proud to condescend  to their “diseased and disordered animal desires.”  Physically lovely, perfectly “healthy” independent, strong, women parading around half-naked, starving for attention and surgically enhanced,  while their insides are shriveled and their arms ache.  The sounds of blissful love-making blare from tv screens in every bed-room un-heeded, while the people in the room are glued to their electronic distractions.   It’s all in the name of  Choice,  health, convenience and hedonism.  Pleasure is the end that justifies the means.  All for Pleasure, Pleasure for all!!!
So much for Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.

18 thoughts on “Breaking News: Wide Spread Epidemic infecting Americans at alarming rate

  1. We must try to stop sinners from bearing more sin into this world. They have not found our Faith yet, so continue engaging in lustful activities rather than promoting love and God’s laws. I am tired of supporting these sinners with taxes that go toward curing the ills their lust causes, and paying to imprison the sinful, disease-ridden, drug-addicted adults their children become.
    Therefore, I would rather pay for these sinners not to have children now as opposed to paying to support them and the sinful children they bear later. We must stand together and encourage Obama to stop these ungodly sinners who cannot control their loins from creating more sinners.


    1. Archangel, as much as my human ‘ahem’ sinful nature wants to agree, I simply cannot, and this is not consistent with Christianity (if that is what you are referring to as ‘our Faith’.). If we follow your logic, we should have willed that St Paul’s parents had used contraception or aborted him. Same with St Augustine, St Mary Magdelane, and countless (maybe all) great saints. Even Mother Teresa was a sinner, as are you, and me. Who are we to judge who comes into this world and who does not? We are not the Creator! How many babies are born in unfortunate circumstances to abusive parents, or crimefilled streets, or Godless families, or drug-ridden mothers, etc, etc, and go on to have great conversions and change the world for the better? Many!!! I am grateful that you weighed in on this excellent article, however, I am also shocked and saddenned that you deem yourself worthy to decide who deserves life and who does not. What if someone had deemed your life unworthy? Are you not a sinner? I would be honored if Christ Himself, or even an ‘Archangel’ were writing to my blog… However, I am guessing you are not Christ nor an angel, and that you are a sinner who needs redeeming just like I do, and just like millions of unborn babies and parents do. Therefore, my suggestion is to fall to your knees and thank God for your life… It is a gift, and none of us deserve to be alive anymore than anyone else. You, or Obama, or Hitler, or Herod, are not worthy to decide who should live and who should die. Because… afterall, you’re a sinner too. Blessings 😉 shalimamma


    2. Honestly I read your post and see your link that I was careful not to click and think that this must be a spoof from a bored person trying to stir trouble or to get someone to click on a I don’t a virus infested thingy…thing not sure of the term, like a scam. 😉 Either that or you are just too crazy to even take the time to have a conversation with. If it is the latter then I am sorry for you, but glad for your sake no one was there to stop your probably equally crazy mother.


    3. Archangel,
      I can admire your passion but I have to wonder where the love went in your heart for your fellow man. I weep for the cynicism that would make you judge and executionor of your bretheren when your heart is so cold.

      We are not the slaves of our desires, nor are we destined to fail purely because of the circumstances of our conception and birth. It is foolish and hopeless to assume a child born is condemned to a life of sin and death because of the sin of his parents. We are beings of free choice, just as the name sake you have chosen for yourself. The greatest of the arch angels rebelled against God but once bore the name of Lucifer. You too have the choice, this is not a right given by our government, Women’s Lib or Obama, it is a right to choose given by God from the moment we are conceived.

      I object to any law that forces me to give up my right to practice my faith! I will not be a conconspirator to the murder of my neighbor’s grand children. I have dealt with both sides of this issue my friend, I have nothing but love and pity for the women who are faced with the consequences of these choices. Walk a mile in their shoes my brother, feel the pain they bear in their hearts, then you may have the right to cast judgement.

      “May he without sin cast the first stone.” He looked down at her and bid her rise, “Look around you, are there any left who accuse you?” She looked and they were gone. “Go now and Sin no more.” The words of Jesus Christ to a woman snared in the act of adultry, she still had the stink of her client on her, the shame, the horror of the life she lived, and our Lord, the Creator, our God and Saviour bid her rise, go and Sin no more.

      I bid you adieu.

      The Hiland Rose


  2. I like it Hiland. Pregnancy is being called a disease. I think Healthcare, real healthcare, should be provided to everyone. In fact in al reality that’s why Catholic Hospitals exist. The mission is provide care, not make money. But we live in a real world where people want to get their hands on as much as possible and yes a doctor should be valued and paid his/her value. But insurance companies aren’t getting the returns they used to on investments so they dont’ want to pay what doctors, tests, drugs are valued at anymore. Who fills that gap? The individual patient or the employer. It’s sad because more affordable options should exist. But charities too have taken a hit and the idea is good, provide affordable healthcare to everyone who needs it.

    The problem is much more simple than this. Whatever you believe about contraception or abortion, however the flawed medical community’s definition of preventative care is, our government was built on the principals of letting the little guy decide for himself. This case, the little guy makes up a very large, very needed large community. This “little guy” says “No, we don’t believe in this form of what you call preventative care and will not directly nor indirectly provide it to anyone” Doesn’t really matter why. This is the United States of America and we have a right to say that.


    1. Amen, amen, and amen again, Shari! Even if I had no religion, this mandate would bother me because it is one of the first steps to taking away many more rights than people can imagine. It is a step in the Communist direction, to a HUGE degree…


    2. Thank you. I do agree with you… this is part of that slippery slope we hear so much about. I was writing with a degree of satire, but it’s too scary for words how close we are. The devil must be unmasked in all of his subtleties and this is the time. It’s up to all of us to vote with our conciences instead of our wallets… Or this is just one more step toward a future all of us will be praying we never live to see.


  3. There is something I don’t understand…I thought Catholic hospitals were private? Is that wrong? Doesn’t this cross the Chruch vs State boundry? If Churches aren’t allowed to promote a certian candidate, why can the State tell the Church how run hospitals what proceedures they have to provide?….Isn’t this Unconstitutional?


    1. You are absolutely right, Amber-joy! They ARE private, and many bishops have said they will close them if they are forced to go with this extremely unconstitutional mandate. Yes, there is not only separation of church and state (and that goes for ALL religions!), but there is also our First Amendment which gives us religious liberty! However, Obama in his pride has said ‘go ahead and close the hospitals… we’ll take over them with govt people.’ Nice.


      1. I woke up this morning feeling better about this situation because yesterday on my Yahoo news page it alerted me that President Obama was going to compramise on the above mentioned bill. Only to read and discuss it with my husband and find out, Obama isn’t compromising at all.

        ***To compromise is to make a deal between different parties where each party gives up part of their demand. In arguments, compromise is a concept of finding agreement through communication, through a mutual acceptance of terms—often involving variations from an original goal or desire.

        His new terms only change WHERE the individual gets the above mentioned birth control, directly from the insurance company, not from who …so what has he given up?…nothing, this makes me so sad. That we have a president in office that clearly has a complete disregard for the value of human life but also carries no regard for the Constitution or for the intelligence of the American public…does he really think the American public will buy this?


    2. Sadly,. although the hospitals are private the insurance companies that pay for the care are not. Once medicine became “for profit” in some areas, it tangled everything. The state stepping in and weighing in on healthcare, (in my personal oppoinion) seems to stem from the government welfare and medicare programs, it’s like they are protecting an investment. It’s a mess. It is my hope though that we will swing the pendulum back in the direction of moral directives, but until then, at least the Constitution is on our side. (I hope) PRAY HARD!


      1. So before PRIVATE hospitals had a choice to pick and insurance company covered their employees (in this case Catholic business could choose one that did not cover abortifaciants, since those comitted to this doctrine would not have to pay for those things as part of their premium, and those who did could opt for supplamental insurance) but now since the government has stated every insurance must cover to minimum standard and they MUST include abortafaciants as part of that coverage, so now no matter where you put your money your supporting abortion? (Sorry I know I sound slow but I just want to make sure I have this all straight)


      2. Amber Joy,

        You are correct. You are right on the money with the line of your logic. The only organizations that are exempt, must employ only those of like beliefs, and only serve those of like religious beliefs. Since Catholic Hospitals provide care to everyone regardless of religious beliefs, and life style preference, they are being forced to accept insurance for most of their patients that pays for these services and are no longer allowed to deny these services and treatments on the grounds of moral and religious objections.


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