Pick me! Pick me! Humbly asking for your (non-political) vote ;)

Greetings, my friend!!

Wow, what a week…  what a month…  There has been quite a mix of glorious happenings, mixed with bittersweet as well as just plain sad happenings… and we’ve barely begun the year!  I can tell this is going to be quite a packed year.  There’s even a solar storm going on right now, reflecting the turbulence of our times, I believe… Yikes!

This happens to be Sanctity of Life week, with the unfortunate anniversary of Roe V. Wade on the 22nd, the March for Life yesterday, and the tension in the air the government actually ‘tries’ to take away organizations’ and churches’ freedom to practice their faiths in the areas regarding life in the womb.  What are we to do?

I normally don’t get very political on my blog, as I tend to go with my hubby’s view that ‘before Kingdoms change, men’s hearts must change’, even as we vote the closest way possible to protecting the lives of all our citizens.

One organization which we LOVE is ManhattanDeclaration.org.  They stand for values that we believe best reflect our original Forfathers’ intent when they founded our country of the United States.  For those reading around the world, their values best reflect what we believe best protect and build up the basic building block of society: the family.

This week, in honor of Sanctity of Life week, they offered a poetry contest asking:  why choose life?  I have written a poem which I would be honored to share with you!  And if you like it, please click the ‘little like button’ at the top of the poem!  Thank you so much!

My poem, The Gift Received, can be found here:



PS  That little bundle of joy at the top of this post?  That’s Miriam, who’s now almost 20 months old!  😉


One thought on “Pick me! Pick me! Humbly asking for your (non-political) vote ;)

  1. beautiful poem, well said….
    can’t “like” it as I don’t face book, it didn’t count my like because I wouldn’t sign up for an account… humph. Oh well love the poem and it would get my vote if it counts.


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