“The Humble Babe’s Victory”

I know Christmas is over, but…

Is it?  He is born, He is a humble Babe, and although He sits at the Right Hand of the Father in Glory, He still reminds us every year of how He chose to come among us.  And isn’t He always being born anew in our hearts?

My little series on love and freedom would be incomplete without a poem I wrote during Advent of last year, when I realized the pride that had led me to where I was… and I realized the humility and sloppiness of the shepherds, to whom the Glorious Angels chose to appear and reveal the most amazing Truth… while the Pharisees most likely sat polishing their rings and bleaching their phylacteries.

The Baby Jesus came to us in a profound way this last Christmas… And being pregnant with a tumbling babe in my womb, the meaning if ‘his birth’ has an even greater and deeper impact.  And so, I would be honored to share with you my thoughts on His birth, which are not limited to Christmas, but will last for eternity…

Oh babe

in lowly cave

so accessible, approachable…

I thought I could

capture you

contain you

in my tiny manger of my ideas.


I thought you were to be found

in only one place

in one small way

I had the secret

and I was elite

and I had found ‘your prophet’

who said I was one of five favored…


How my pride secretly grew

and led me down a path

a clever one (of destruction)

the pride of those who are chosen

not the pride of those indifferent ones


… but pride nonetheless…


I thought I was too good for imperfect shepherds

and following sheep

who were sloppy, but saw angels, and quickly believed

and there you were

here you are

sweet babe

kicking in the womb

of my heart

saying ‘Stop worshipping man

but come to ME!’

and You broke the chains

once again

once again

and here we are

You and me

in simple cave

with mystery

(incomprehensible, humble) for everyone

and freeing me

from satan’s tyranny.


Rejoice, my soul…


“Birth of Humble Victory” by Shalimar Masters

Copyright 2011

3 thoughts on ““The Humble Babe’s Victory”

  1. Amazing poem! A year or so ago, I read a post from someone I think on Life after RC. It said, “Mary would never have been invited to become RC.” It was a great healing moment. One that I think we can use before we decide to join anything, or even anyone: Would Mary be welcome in this group?


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