“Joyful Freedom”, A Poetic Summary

There once was a couple sublime

Who had trouble being on time

Messes they left

Prayers were unsaid

And they quickly were sentenced with crime.


So they bought brand-new clothes that were modest

Put fancy new suits in kids’ closets

They set out to please

Fell down on their knees

And if children made noise they did pause it.


But one fateful day in the basement

They mistakenly left crumbs a’layin’…

And out came the glares

The critical stares

And a movement was formed of betray-ment.


So the next week with smiles and forgiveness

They cleaned others’ mess and skipped breakfast

But the coup had been formed

And they hadn’t been warned

That a ‘leader’ had just been enlisted.


They welcomed her joyfully then

And although she was one pecking hen

They were happy to find

That indeed she was blind

And was actually still their dear friend.


Upon further investigation

The couple discovered a nation

Of warriors true

Who hated them, (oooh!)

But ‘they’ were not even a human!


It wasn’t the lady in black!

Or the one with the auction-bought hat!

It certainly wasn’t

The two married cousins

Or the woman whose perm had grown flat!


With relief, and with giggling first,

The couple with great laughter burst!

All of this time

That Serpent unkind

Had made them think THEY had been cursed!


And joyfully waltzing away

They left that unfortunate Snake

To find someone else

(Oh, he found SomeOne Else)

Who cast him to hell!

And the music continued to play…


And looking back briefly that day

The couple saw SomeOne unphased…

He stood at the door

And He laughed with a roar

And with Mighty Hand chuckled and waved!



“Joyful Freedom” by Shalimar Masters

Copyright 2012

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