Wild. A Poem by Hiland Rose


Is that what they say?


Who are they, by the way?

Wild, what exactly is that?

For me, wild must be different,

It’s not a bad thing.

Wild is beauty unfettered,

Wild is creation wide and untamed.

Wild is un-fiddled with, natural and free.


Wild is what the world was that first dawn,

When Adam woke and walked with God.

Wild is lovely.

So to be labeled wild, is that really an insult?


To tame something makes it un-wild, malleable, less…

To tame someone takes a piece of them away

Drabs them down or forces them into a mold…

Tameness was Pride, offered as knowledge to innocent  Eve.

Taming her man, taming nature, taming things,

Control…..absolute and unwavering.



Our savior is the Lion of Judah!

The Sacrificial lamb yes, but does that make him tame?

Quite the Contrary…

Tame would have wilted in fear,

Never made it to the garden, let alone the Cross.

Tame would have given in to the powerful and hypocritical,

Tame would have died a ripe old age at the expense of Man Kind.

NO, HE is not a Tame Lion.  JESUS is WILD.


Copyright 2011 Hiland Rose


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