A Special Poem for the Lady Who Is My Biggest Fan and Keeps Reporting My Writings to Friends and Important People ;)

(Remember the ‘leader lady’ I mentioned at the beginning of my cult-like series?  Apparently, she’s a little worried and has been ‘warning’ people about what I might say here… So I have a special poem for her.  I am finding that humor is a great antedote for silliness and/or suffering!… more to come! ;))


There once was a woman of worry

Who couldn’t believe there were stories

Of people who laughed

At reportings, in fact,

Of blogs that were honest and boring.




2 thoughts on “A Special Poem for the Lady Who Is My Biggest Fan and Keeps Reporting My Writings to Friends and Important People ;)

  1. But beware… if you comment on my blog, she might report you to the Office of Important People Who Have Lots of Time on Their Hands to Read Insignificant Blogs. Or worse, you may get a phone call. LOL!!!! But if this happens to you, read this poem to her and chuckle. Laughter is the best medicine for this kind of behavior. Or sending her to the principal’s office. 😉


  2. Really? Someone’s trying to shut down your blog by reporting you? Wow… She really needs to lighten up or find something else to concern herself with…

    Let’s be realistic: You are writing a BLOG. Not something claiming to be divinely inspired nor anything that says it’s coming from Christ, the Blessed Virgin, the Saints, etc. You are writing from your heart a testimony about how God freed you from cult-like thinking.

    About the “Important People”… I don’t think they have jurisdiction on blogs, internet postings, etc. unlesss they claim to be divinely inspired, etc. Even then, I doubt they would interfere unless it was scandalous, since private revelation is just that, private, just for you and not to be taken as applying to everyone. The fact that she called the “Important People” just shows the extent of her worry.

    What is she SO worried about?
    I haven’t seen anything scandalous so far. So, she’s probably worried about what you are going to write.

    Will you be unfair?
    So far, there’s a historical account in part 1 about how God prepared you for something. Part 2 was some more history, but more of a physical and emotional journey to your present (physical) location and an unnamed parish. Part 3 was about the parish. That’s it. Any unfairness? Not that I could find. I’m still waiting for more story though, but it’s time to give you the benefit of the doubt and be charitable.

    Is the story inaccurate?
    If it’s written from your perspective on how things happened, I don’t think so. As long as the idea remains the same, getting all the details perfect is secondary. If you start quoting people exactly, then there might be grounds for inaccuracy, but none that I can see.

    Will you expose what someone did/said or show them in an unflattering light?
    Maybe, but I’m not sure how the rest of story goes as I’m deployed. If this is the fear, then I believe sometimes it takes an honest assessment by someone else to show you how you are. Assuming it’s from God, light is light, regardless of whether one thinks it’s flattering. How many clue-by-4s have I been hit with? Too many to count.

    Are you leading people astray?
    Nope, haven’t seen any anti-Catholic sentiment yet.

    Are you exposing a problem that is ongoing in a person or group of people?
    Possibly, but it takes honesty with oneself and humility to expose something that one has been a part of.

    In my particular case, I thought you were reading my mind a little bit at the end of part 3. I’ve been having similar thoughts recently about being prideful. It took a while to realize it though, while I am deployed, but God is patient and kind. He provided me time to reflect on this and I am learning a lot about how unworthy we ALL are. Now I realize I was guilty of being prideful in the type of parish my family went to. (Notice I say “went”. God provided circumstances while I was deployed that necessitated my wife making the decision to go somewhere else.)

    Basically, what I learned so far is by the grace of God and this:
    Just because people go to a particular parish doesn’t mean they’re any better off than the rest of Catholics worldwide. The Mass is still the Mass and all Catholics, including our Orthodox brethren, are partaking in it regardless of the parish they go to (assuming it’s a valid parish)

    Some parishes may be blessed and have graces poured out on them with a saintlike, holy priest or a better sounding choir, etc. However, God chooses where He distributes graces and not man. Going to a blessed parish doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll become a saint. A lot of blessed parishes are blessed because of the people in them are full of God’s grace. The people can lose their graces if they don’t protect them from sin. One way is they can becoming prideful of their graces, like the Israelites, and start thinking it was their hard work that caused their graces and not God.

    Pride kills and drives out God’s graces. I should know; I’m guilty of it.


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