A Touching Testimony by Darren Sherman

One thing that has always struck me is God’s goodness with His providence and grace. How certain situations and people that come into and out of your life prepare you for the future. Be it struggles, trials, joys, sorrows.

One example from my own life is the time back in Michigan. I was a fairly new Catholic convert and learned of the Chaplet to the Seven Sorrows of Mary by picking up a pamphlet from the Slovak Catholic parish we were members of. I didn’t think too much of it and put it in my jacket for future reference…

Fast forward a few months, my wife just had our first miscarriage for us as a Catholic couple. We were devastated. Our non-Catholic family responded to our announcement of losing the baby in the first trimester. The the pro-choice one was indifferent, “it’s not a baby yet anyways”. One tried to give useful advise, but came off sounding heartless, “maybe you should have waited to tell everyone until later, like the second semester”. Most responded with the sympathetic, “I’m so sorry”. None of which made me feel any better.

While in the midst of the fog of grieving, thinking of what I could do with all that sorrow, I found that pamphlet in my jacket, where I left it. I started saying the chaplet and it helped me through the sorrow. I still get a little teary-eyed thinking about it, but knowing that Our Lady suffered during her lifetime and still suffers when her children suffer is comforting.

I look forward to seeing how God’s grace has helped you. May your story be a blessing to all who read it and help those that are struggling in cult-like thinking to be free.

2 thoughts on “A Touching Testimony by Darren Sherman

  1. Darren, this is such a beautiful testimony, and really is miraculous. Thank you for sharing your love of life, and the beauty of your vocation. You have a little angel in heaven interceding for all of us. Many blessings ~ shalimamma


  2. I can understand where you are comming from Darren. My husband and I have lost two to miscarriage… the grief can strike at odd times still for us, the second was lost a couple of years ago now but I still feel it… I am glad you found solace in Our Lady’s arms! Blessings to you and yours!


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