Corey’s MBA Graduation!

Sorry, I just have to toot the horn for my hubby… I don’t mean to brag… well, I do, actually, for HIM, because I would have been lost in the first class of the series he needed to take to earn this.  I have had to earn my “Masters” by bearing Masters children, which I seem to be able to do, and I seem to be handle the high intelligence of taking prenatals, waddling here and there, and lounging around while my sweet kids bring me food.  But my hubby?  He studied and studied and in all truth the whole family was right there with him sacrificing as he studied and studied things that just might make my eyes cross.  In fact, when I see some of what he studied, I feel inspired to go paint and compose a minuet whilst eating chocolate, so that I can filter it all through my right-brained brain 😉  Anyway, with all that being said, without further ado, here are some pictures from Corey’s well-earned degree.  Congratulations, Corey!  We are so proud of you!

( If you’re curious about what goes into an MBA or are thinking about pursuing one yourself, the website MBA Online and The Economist’s Business Education page have more information about business schools, MBA programs and all the hard work that comes between admissions and graduation. )

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