A Glorious Fall


I found this incredible gem of a poem in my comments… and it happens to be written by the very beautiful person who encouraged me and mentored me in writing poetry… behold: an amazing meditation on fall!  (jfk, you’re the BEST!  Thank you!!)

Whatever else may have happened,
there is no denying,
we have had a glorious fall.
My heart is also touched by leaves.
I don’t think of myself AS one…
but I like to wade through them…
they’re like God’s currency…
He’s got so much, it’s just lying on the ground…
each one is a masterpiece flung down…
leaves once too high and lofty to touch or even see
can now be held,
marveled at,
Yes, they are beautiful in their death…
the slower it is, the more brilliant the transformation.
The trees happily discard these treasures,
so certain are they of the coming Spring.

6 thoughts on “A Glorious Fall

    1. Aunt Reet Reet, thank you always for your very encouraging words 😉 And I WILL get that soap package in the mail! Dang, all those things that keep coming up in life! 😉 Much love and many hugs to you!


  1. Ever since I can remember, Autumn has always been one of my favorite seasons, but I wasn’t sure why. Growing up in Florida, we didn’t have a change of seasons or the experience of raking leaves in the Fall. You girls have painted the beautiful picture with your words and now I am beginning to understand…thank you, John and Ted, for clarifying yet another of God’s treasures hidden deep within my heart. I love you, Rose


  2. That’s a beautiful poem!! I’ll be posting my autumn poems on my blog shortly since I want them out before Thanksgiving (along with my Thanksgiving poem, of course :D).
    Funny, Autumn has been the only season that I can write about, part of which might have to do with the fact that I was born in autumn. 😀 It is a beautiful season, in it’s own way, just like the rest of the seasons. 🙂


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